Can Messi single-handedly lead Argentina to a Copa America title? | Extra Time | ESPN FC

Alejandro Moreno, Shaka Hislop, Jan Aage Fjortoft and Nedum Onuoha play Extra Time to discuss Lionel Messi and Argentina, best hairstyles and which managerial job they’d rather have between Tottenham and Everton.
0:00 Can Lionel Messi single-handedly lead Argentina to the Copa America title?
1:31 After Phil Foden dyed his hair like Paul Gascoigne, which current players hairstyle could the guys copy?
3:55 Should Barcelona try to sell Antoine Griezmann and bring in a long-term striker?
4:58 Which job is more appealing between Tottenham and Everton?
8:25 What is Jan's best memory from Middlesbrough?
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  1. Kyle Boswell

    Kyle BoswellHour ago

    Hahahahahahahahahaha is this a real question? He is the MF KING OF BOTTLING!! F NO HE WON'T

  2. Jon Seres

    Jon Seres9 hours ago

    Only ESPN could pose such retarded questions. If he was going to do this single handedly he would have done it in his most productive years.

  3. El Max

    El Max19 hours ago

    Well Chile destroyed him 2 years in a row LOL.

  4. loscar92

    loscar92Day ago


  5. George Lennox

    George Lennox2 days ago

    Take this girl of the show please….. before I leave and pay for another subscription

  6. Ajay Thakur

    Ajay Thakur2 days ago

    eres muy hermosa”

  7. Yong Kiat Lee

    Yong Kiat Lee2 days ago

    If there is one person...then it's him

  8. Amalgamated

    Amalgamated2 days ago

    No, the rest of the squad NEVER steps up when they need to. They rely way too much on Messi. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  9. Cosmic Tuxedo

    Cosmic Tuxedo2 days ago

    Not if Chile beat them again lol

  10. Jannik Nielsen

    Jannik Nielsen3 days ago

    Argentina will ilkely win, when he retires.

  11. Footychannel19

    Footychannel193 days ago

    Arg would have won 2016 COPA AMERICA And 2014 World cup then. Messi isn't at the defence. Arg don't have a Great Gk like Romero of 2014. Brazil Are definitely the favourites.

  12. JD H

    JD H3 days ago

    Short answer: No

  13. Christian Loher

    Christian Loher3 days ago


  14. kevdaag

    kevdaag3 days ago

    Umm, Di Maria?

  15. Avas Dasgupta

    Avas Dasgupta3 days ago

    i would bless brazil if they dont [lay copa america

  16. Davens the key

    Davens the key3 days ago

    They are advocating for Messi.

  17. Francisco Cerda

    Francisco Cerda3 days ago

    Single handedly?? That's the problem right there... They think the team is only Messi. When he retires they'll start winning.. and i mean really retire.. whenever he loses wether it be at Barca or the national squad, he starts crying about leaving and he never does .. definition of a grown baby.. doesn't get his way so he wants to quit and in the end he doesn't cus the people in charge coddle him...

  18. William P Thomas

    William P Thomas3 days ago

    I don't get why this is always a question Argentina have so much talent they need to help him out some.

  19. Op Ayub  yt

    Op Ayub yt4 days ago

    Messi will

  20. furrycheetah2000

    furrycheetah20004 days ago

    No way Messy can handle it by himself.

  21. Argentiskyblau 15

    Argentiskyblau 154 days ago

    Not with that watery defense. Otamendi has always been a donkey and foyth always looks like hes just learning how to play football every tike he plays for argentina.

  22. Dynamic Pes

    Dynamic Pes4 days ago

    I don't know,why people talking about messi single handedly taking Argentina in copa.There are also many more talented players playing in Argentina team.The fact is Argentina head coach and I think Messi also not believe in them when playing. As much as Messi believe in his Barcelona team-mates.That's way they can not won any cup.And it's universal truth that they don't play with Messi they are playing for Messi.

  23. Fastbreak08

    Fastbreak084 days ago


  24. Ravshanbek Mavlonov

    Ravshanbek Mavlonov4 days ago

    Ale sometimes can play a role like stupid

  25. Alvin Melancon

    Alvin Melancon4 days ago

    They gave messi the player of the tournament in 2014 what a shane

  26. Kheedron James

    Kheedron James2 days ago

    @Nicolas Perez yes he deserved it individual award while failling to get something for his country fraud pessi

  27. Nicolas Perez

    Nicolas Perez4 days ago

    Most deserved award

  28. CDRmotive

    CDRmotive4 days ago

    Is it just me or does Messi always turn in to a beast after he fails to win a World Cup 😳😂🔥 I mean think about it 2011 UCL 2015 UCL 2019 almost carries them to the final

  29. Andy Ni

    Andy Ni4 days ago

    I would say: yes. Because he‘s Messi.

  30. RAGE Mudhar

    RAGE Mudhar2 days ago

    @Amalgamated that's what Messi fanboys don't get , they say Messi is a playmaker but what is use of a playmaker if he ain't winning any trophy .

  31. Amalgamated

    Amalgamated2 days ago

    Go look at his International record. He’s missed KEY penalty shots when it counts the most, both in Copa America, and WC. He scores, but not when the National side needs a winning goal. None of their players do. BUT, let’s see what happens🤷🏻‍♂️

  32. RAGE Mudhar

    RAGE Mudhar3 days ago

    No because he's not Ronaldo .Messi is the best but he can't handle the pressure .

  33. Emmanuel Enyinwa

    Emmanuel Enyinwa4 days ago

    "singlehandedly", eh? Aguero, Lautaro, Dybala, DiMaria. Yeah, sure, these people don't exist.

  34. sherina baksh

    sherina baksh4 days ago

    Argentina can win copa, its just that your from venezuela so its obvious why you would say that ale

  35. Jerry Dboss

    Jerry Dboss4 days ago


  36. Pave

    Pave4 days ago

    The only game pessi won single handedly was that 1v1 match wis his dog😂

  37. Pave

    Pave4 days ago

    @Nicolas Perez yeah that video was pure cringe. Cant believe he did that to the poor dog😔.

  38. Nicolas Perez

    Nicolas Perez4 days ago


  39. Ronaldinho D10s

    Ronaldinho D10s4 days ago

    The only time Penaldo didn't need penalties to statpad Zidane had hair 😂😭

  40. Pave

    Pave4 days ago

    Lol...after aguero joins barca, pessi is not even the best player in barca anymore🤣

  41. Alina Tan

    Alina Tan4 days ago

    The shrill ceramic sicily crack because south africa micrencephaly touch atop a half porcupine. foamy, special august

  42. Déon

    Déon4 days ago

    Last time I remember football was a team sport so all these expectations on Mess are ridiculous, yes he has to play well

  43. Matthew Haydock

    Matthew Haydock5 days ago

    How would I be single-handedly? There are other world class players in the squad 🤦🏻‍♂️

  44. Lethuxolo Kunene

    Lethuxolo Kunene5 days ago

    These are Messi's last good years in football. Just watch and enjoy. None of this "Can he single-handedly win it" bs just enjoy him he's 33!

  45. Jean-Christophe Pinchinat

    Jean-Christophe Pinchinat5 days ago

    Ali is sporting the late Zizou haircut 👌🏾

  46. Andrew Sanchez

    Andrew Sanchez5 days ago

    Kate is so lovely

  47. discouniverse

    discouniverse5 days ago

    3 real englishmen and a couple too white eskimos

  48. Michael

    Michael5 days ago

    Onouha looks 25 but sounds 45

  49. Christopher Martinez

    Christopher Martinez5 days ago

    Messi has had 5 chances to win it between 2007 - 2021 with 2015-2016 coming back to back and choking against Chile in the finals twice. This will be his 6th time in the tournament and if he fails again he ain’t no G.O.A.T and don’t come @ me 😤

  50. Gfresh844

    Gfresh8444 days ago

    Well, many think he is, including legends of the game... Teams win trophies, not one player.

  51. Alvaro Gomez

    Alvaro Gomez5 days ago

    What kind of stupid question is this? Does he play alone? Are the players in his national team abysmal? Ridiculous segment.

  52. Piggy!!!

    Piggy!!!5 days ago

    Argentina have their best team in a couple years This is it Lets go messi and argentina

  53. Boitumelo Ramoadi

    Boitumelo Ramoadi5 days ago

    Is Ali wear Allstar....

  54. Deny Rubben

    Deny Rubben5 days ago

    Alejandro Moreno😂😂✍🏾

  55. Pritesh Patel

    Pritesh Patel5 days ago

    No I dont think so. Argentina need to move on from Messi build the team around Lautaro , De Paul, Paredes.

  56. Nicolas Perez

    Nicolas Perez4 days ago


  57. iv

    iv5 days ago

    Haven't we been here with Messi. Ronaldo won Euro with a shitty Portugal.

  58. Gfresh844

    Gfresh8444 days ago

    Ronaldo's team won the final without him...

  59. Sporting Director

    Sporting Director5 days ago

    I feel like Argentina will reach the semis but fall short again. Brazil look strong and Chile can't be underestimated

  60. cjewelz

    cjewelz5 days ago

    Dopey Hislop can only be Jar Jar Binks-esque. What happened at 7:10? Did Moreno take a couple of extra lines (than usual) before going on air?

  61. Steven

    Steven5 days ago

    Against Chile the 4-2-2-2 was weird, but against Colombia I was so happy to see an Argentina manager actually use a good formation, with a good defense (minus Montiel) a great midfield, and a great attack (minus Nicholas) but obviously they’re gonna be swapped with Di Maria and Foyth

  62. Gabi_S Jesus_s

    Gabi_S Jesus_s5 days ago

    The time of one man team is over, Team work only matters

  63. Peter Anderson

    Peter Anderson5 days ago

    Well come on, he has had 4 World Cups to get his hands on trophy, but just lost a final in 2014, and as regards Copa America, he lost in 3 finals. He is now 34, and time catching up with him.

  64. najaf jaffery

    najaf jaffery5 days ago

    Argentina need an Attacking minded coach not a Conservative Defensive minded Mediocre Scaloni

  65. najaf jaffery

    najaf jaffery5 days ago

    With scaloni there's no chance

  66. Matt Villiott

    Matt Villiott5 days ago


  67. David Lalinde

    David Lalinde5 days ago


  68. Chad Maraj

    Chad Maraj5 days ago

    Hilarious episode.

  69. Javier Medina Conde

    Javier Medina Conde5 days ago

    3:49 😏looking great ale

  70. A H

    A H5 days ago

    Lozano would be better for Barca than Greizman has been

  71. Allen Octave

    Allen Octave5 days ago

    Messi didnt play any part in Argentina's two early goals. Scolani need to find a way to have Argentina controlling games when they are leading. I think they are doing good and this team is fighting all out.

  72. revydmat

    revydmat5 days ago

    Can Ronaldo single-handedly lead Portugal to a Euro Championship...

  73. Gabriel Gatti

    Gabriel Gatti5 days ago

    Argentina need to get rid of Messi. It’s time. The team aren’t a unit with him in there

  74. Gfresh844

    Gfresh8444 days ago

    Dumb, dumb, dumb.

  75. Sa'ad Khatib

    Sa'ad Khatib5 days ago

    Cops America is a joke, 4 copa is 6 years and without qualifications, with teams outside South America invited as guests. They change it like they want the host nation and the tournaments even the time when it’s played Copa is a joke

  76. Mark Stewart

    Mark Stewart5 days ago

    Yes he can and he will also win the world cup and u haters will b disappointed

  77. José Mesquita

    José Mesquita5 days ago

    "single-handedly" LOL not even Argentina best player !! Argentina is a historical powerhouse but these ESPN propaganda puppets trying to convince t world that Messi is carrying them LOL Messi doesn't score an open play goal since 2018 for argentina ffs, HAVE SOME SHAME

  78. Lee Bee

    Lee Bee5 days ago

    Nope, I seriously doubt that even Lio Messi can 'single-handedly lead Argentina to a Copa America title'.. Pretty sure he'll at least need some football playing fellow-Argentine pals for that.. About ten of them would be the normal number necessary, I reckon!!!

  79. Shitshembiso Brian

    Shitshembiso Brian5 days ago

    Alè is definitely my favorite

  80. Scott Jones

    Scott Jones5 days ago

    Messi is the same as Haaland they need a team to make them look good. Both struggle to carry at international level.

  81. Jonn Stewart

    Jonn Stewart5 days ago

    Every player needs a good team

  82. Liam Joubert

    Liam Joubert5 days ago

    Unpopular opinion. Kay is better than Dan

  83. Rashpal singh

    Rashpal singh5 days ago

    Messi can't win copa tournament

  84. Mohan Thakuri

    Mohan Thakuri5 days ago

    No. Messi. Argintina first half good play but second half they loose the game. They need game plane change. 🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵

  85. KAsh Sres

    KAsh Sres5 days ago

    Kay is in a class of her own with that posh English accent. Dan, Nadem and Shaka are the best entertainers ever. Ale is so annoying with his childish over the top dramatic ways.

  86. Miguel Jaques

    Miguel Jaques5 days ago

    Football is a team sport, a player can’t carry a team to a title. The most a player can do is like messi did last season for Barca and ronaldo did this season for juve: carry them to the top four, or win a few games single handedly like ronaldo vs atleti for example.

  87. Tukrrjobbs

    Tukrrjobbs5 days ago

    Don't mention Pele winning 3 world cups ...apparently them and his goal scoring record don't count

  88. Aaryan Kumar Singh

    Aaryan Kumar Singh5 days ago

    If Argentina brings the best players to the playing XI... They will surely kick any teams a**

  89. Ehsan Ahmed

    Ehsan Ahmed5 days ago

    Ale could go with a benzema haircut

  90. langben9000

    langben90005 days ago


  91. Vince

    Vince5 days ago

    Love Ale Moreno!


    PADI KOBING5 days ago

    Tottenham will win a trophy (not audi cup) Before messi wins any international trophy

  93. TC

    TC5 days ago

    Messi is too old and slow.

  94. Divine Bitalo

    Divine Bitalo5 days ago

    When Ali shouts “What WHAT wHaT” my life span increases by a the minute 🥺😂🤣

  95. Anwar Taher Numan

    Anwar Taher Numan5 days ago

    What a stupid should be the other way around

  96. Seb Horton

    Seb Horton5 days ago

    Jesus Christ ale is not a fan favourite. He just makes noises, waves his arms around, and offers nothing of substance

  97. Om Mundankar

    Om Mundankar5 days ago

    No player can win a Tournament on his own.... Even 1986Argentina needed Burruchaga Valdano to win for the final. Messi-Ronaldo will need players like Iniesta, Kroos, Puyol Ramos (or Scholes/Ferdinand), Xavi, pique (or Pepe for 2016 Euro) to bring best out of them.... Give them an Edge, they take u to Miles

  98. kunal verma

    kunal verma5 days ago

    Messi had two great copa America tournament but Argentina didn't win anything. So No, messi alone can't win you the trophy.

  99. Uzo Design

    Uzo Design5 days ago

    Wrong he had 3 great Copa Americas. The first was in 2007 alongside Crespo and Riquelme.

  100. Om Mundankar

    Om Mundankar5 days ago

    South American Qualifiers and Copa America look like UFC football 🔥🔥 Intensity, toughness and hardwork is always at its best🔥🔥🔥

  101. Emmanuel Enyinwa

    Emmanuel Enyinwa4 days ago

    @Hulk Hogan And let me elaborate. Part of the reason Messi is so successful at Barcelona is because over 20 years, EVERYONE gets drilled into the same system, controlled passing, one touch football where only Messi has the license to roam and freestyle. Even the great Neymar, Zlatan, and Grietzman struggle to adapt to this style over the court of a 50 game season. But in a Copa or WC, they are required to adapt in 3 games with no significant practice. Some of the pieces don't fit. Lautaro trained all year with a holding forward in Lukaku where the ball is played long and Lautaro runs in for the layoff. DiMaria plays as a trus to the touch line winger sending in crosses to Mbappe and Neymar. Now he has to sit on the wings and wait for Messi to play a through pass after dribbling through three defenders. Often, he is caught offside. Dybala plays crosses to CR7. These crosses to Messi are useless, as he cannot rose above the defenders, so Dybala is reduced to also waiting on Messi. So, they all look mediocre on the national team.

  102. Emmanuel Enyinwa

    Emmanuel Enyinwa4 days ago

    @Hulk Hogan Exactly, they do not practice enough together before getting thrown into a tournament tournament, so no chemistry. This is why teams like Germany and Spain dominate. Their core players normally play on the same team year round and develop chemistry.

  103. Om Mundankar

    Om Mundankar4 days ago

    @Hulk Hogan u got heated as f man😂😂

  104. Hulk Hogan

    Hulk Hogan4 days ago

    @Emmanuel Enyinwa these 22 players are mostly the main hardworking Backbone of many Teams of Europe.

  105. Hulk Hogan

    Hulk Hogan4 days ago

    @Emmanuel EnyinwaThese players don't play in comfortable cool moderate climates, they play in tough temperatures like 30to40degrees + humidity. play in Barranquilla in the north of Colombia by the Caribbean Sea, where it's 40 degrees and humid. In La Paz in Bolivia, it's close to 4,000 metres altitude. It takes two or three days to prepare for a game there and then two or three days for your body to recover. It's really difficult and that's from an Ecuadorian who is used to playing at nearly 3,000 metres in Quito. Many of SOUTH American players come form street football influence and thus are rough and tough in playing. dominated world football so many times. So pipe down the Hype of this Easy elite and tactical elegant teams

  106. J. Sanchez

    J. Sanchez5 days ago

    No, Copa America is for the taking almost every team has won it at some point, no single player has ever won it. NEVER.

  107. Máté Illés

    Máté Illés5 days ago

    Ale's opinions are sometimes quite controversial, hence why he gets heat in the comments, but he seems to be taking it well. Keep up the good work guys!

  108. Omar Gutierrez

    Omar Gutierrez5 days ago

    It would have been really funny if Ale answered Arjen Robben for the hair question

  109. Productshop

    Productshop5 days ago

    Bro why be like this

  110. Gian

    Gian5 days ago

    I was thinking iniesta xd

  111. Vikito Awomi

    Vikito Awomi5 days ago

    Last chance for Barcelona oh I mean Messi.

  112. Brenz Lee

    Brenz Lee5 days ago

    The old and stale saying... No I in team.

  113. Nischay Jit Singh

    Nischay Jit Singh5 days ago

    "Hair is not something I have plenty of" - Alejandro Moreno, 2021

  114. rajeev gauchan

    rajeev gauchan5 days ago

    How stupid can u b?? Espn: yes consistently......

  115. Tony Montana07

    Tony Montana076 days ago

    If he gets a penalty every game then maybe. Pessi was born to take penalties.

  116. Tony Montana07

    Tony Montana073 days ago

    @John Roberts lol just making excuses for pessi since he can't win anything with what is best side on paper in South America.

  117. John Roberts

    John Roberts4 days ago

    @Tony Montana07 ronaldo didn’t either he was shocking then got subbed and they played better without him hahah

  118. Gfresh844

    Gfresh8444 days ago

    @Tony Montana07 Teams win trophies, not one player. The reason why Ronaldo has those 2 trophies is because he had the luck of having teammates who scored in finals. Not to mention, Messi has won best player awards at international tournaments, which Ronaldo hasn't done. Just goes to show who's actually been the better individual at their standout tournaments.

  119. Tony Montana07

    Tony Montana075 days ago

    @John Roberts Lmao celebrating being named as player of the tournament, that's pessi for you. Does nothing for his nation.

  120. John Roberts

    John Roberts5 days ago

    @Tony Montana07 he didn’t conquer World Cup he is awful at World Cup while messi named player of tournament, penaldo joined juve and they stopped winning the league hahah

  121. Aayush Paul

    Aayush Paul6 days ago

    This barca team is class. Good defenders, good midfielder and good attackers. We just need chemistry

  122. Aayush Paul

    Aayush Paul6 days ago

    I know griezeman was not a barca player first but now I love him. He scored for barca in both the finals. When he scores he scores amazing goal. After signing depay and Aguero grieze would be quite lethal next season.

  123. Jei Marbañiang

    Jei Marbañiang6 days ago

    If he was 3,4 years younger maybe😢

  124. whats in a name?

    whats in a name?6 days ago

    Hey this is not the puppy league where they give him space to roam.

  125. Rohan Dadwal

    Rohan Dadwal6 days ago

    Ali Moreno is pure cringe

  126. Kasheto Jakhalu

    Kasheto Jakhalu6 days ago

    I hope he dont opt for retirement