Barcelona signing Antoine Griezmann was ‘INCORRECT!’ |

Ale Moreno joins ESPN FC to explain why Barcelona signing Antoine Griezmann was incorrect from the get-go and why the club might have to cut its losses this summer.

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  1. Aaryan Kumar Singh

    Aaryan Kumar SinghDay ago

    *As long as Messi is there? Even 1000s of Greizmann can't replace the god*

  2. Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo

    Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo4 days ago

    Barcelona made so many mistakes Ale give them a break 😆

  3. 39_SE_comp_A_Aditya Dubey

    39_SE_comp_A_Aditya Dubey4 days ago

    Problem with baracy is there philosophy we need to update

  4. Ronald Dlamini

    Ronald Dlamini4 days ago

    Bring him back to Atleti where he belongs 🥲🤌🏼

  5. Rayn Anwar

    Rayn Anwar4 days ago

    He's adapted well, I want him to stay.

  6. Elijah Fuller

    Elijah Fuller4 days ago

    I disagree, he played well in Ath. Madrid as well in France because it is a system that can work for him. He is playing in a dried up FC Barcelona system that still emphasises on having a good first touch, passing technique and dynamic runs, imagine if this system was at its peak and he still performed like this currently he would be benched. I still think he is a fantastic player but the system does not suit him. I believe Aguero despite his age give Koeman a tough decision when coming to selection.

  7. Michael Messi Lionel

    Michael Messi Lionel4 days ago

    No u cappin

  8. Farrukh Rakhimov

    Farrukh Rakhimov4 days ago

    Griezmanne good player but his not Barcelona player his PSG player I think,it's my opinion

  9. knandez7 __

    knandez7 __4 days ago

    Griezmann has proven not in first season but his second that he is or was a key player for Barcelona. This is irrelavant because Barcelona has other signings that is taking them 3, 4 and 5 seasons for them to gradually adapt, not calling names. Griezmann gave us two cups in just his second season, Joan gamper and Copa.

  10. MS

    MS4 days ago

    Simeone is the reason he was so good. Then the ego kicked in and Griez started to compare himself to Ronaldo & Messi. Add all the flamboyant stuff and Beckham esque hairstyles + poor coaching at Barca. Griezmann should leave Barcelona to rebuild his career. Even beg to get back to Atletico. Look at Suarez with Simeone.

  11. Akhilesh Kalase

    Akhilesh Kalase4 days ago

    Griezzman is a world class player, he keeps proving it every time he plays for France!

  12. Wishva krish

    Wishva krish4 days ago

    Griezmann - hazard got reverse transfers

  13. World Record Egg

    World Record Egg4 days ago

    True Greizmann shouldn’t have signed with Barca, the team needs to be built around him but to be fair he’s been adapting pretty well and has had decent/fairly good seasons. He’s an amazing player

  14. Mike G

    Mike G4 days ago

    Whoever joins Barca for FAME pays the price

  15. Kunal Bakre

    Kunal BakreDay ago

    Exactly, if you want to join, you need to have something that fits the system. You have to adapt to it. Players like Thierry Henry did.

  16. Akins Carr

    Akins Carr4 days ago

    a hungry striker makes sense🤔

  17. Isitha Yunal Mallawaarchchi

    Isitha Yunal Mallawaarchchi4 days ago

    His first season was not good because of obvious reasons. But this season he was good. Had some goals and assists. And also he doesn't thinks of an exit from Barca. After suarez leaved he had that chance. He will do better in the upcoming season. I don't thimk even Barca want to let him go right now. Because messi will leave after 2 seasons. So we kind of need that kind of a superstar in the team.

  18. Nisar Abdulkader

    Nisar Abdulkader4 days ago

    This is what makes a team crumble, if you have lots of superstars

  19. Suraj Rajput

    Suraj Rajput4 days ago

    The important thing is messi is wasting his career by going to intermiami after 2 years that's disastrous because Ronaldo is still at the age of 36 playing and is going to new league

  20. Ash Ketchum

    Ash Ketchum2 days ago

    It's not even official but your acting like he already went there 😂😂😂

  21. dana

    dana4 days ago

    If that's his choice let him be. Maybe he already decided long time ago what age he want to live without pressure and spend good time with family. Maybe he doesn't care about the toxic rivalry. I just wish he will be happy.

  22. Rishabh Avasthi

    Rishabh Avasthi4 days ago

    Messi is not going to inter miami lol

  23. Hulk Hogan

    Hulk Hogan4 days ago

    Comming from a REAL Madrid fan Based in Madrid Spain ✌️

  24. Hulk Hogan

    Hulk Hogan4 days ago

    It's disastrous to think how much Messi had to work for all the years for Barcelona to keep them in various title hopes, and not think that he might actually get tired early. Because he ain't a Box sticking merchant who will take credit for scoring goals with one or two touches, while neglecting the real hardwork of Creative players. He does the all Dribbles, Creates chances as well as score goals. He is working THRICE as hard than Ronaldo. So shut down...

  25. Vir Bhutani

    Vir Bhutani4 days ago

    He’s literally back to world class in 2021. 8th in goal contributions among Europe’s top 5 (more than cr7, Bruno, etc)… and that’s NOT including intl games. *stats from transfermarkt* Watch Antoine shine next season, can’t wait for it

  26. Vir Bhutani

    Vir Bhutani4 days ago

    @Eatin Hazelnut griezmann has been 3rd in ballon d or rankings twice, was arguably france's best player in world cup and *definitely* in last euros. don't compare him to werner mate :)

  27. Eatin Hazelnut

    Eatin Hazelnut4 days ago

    You really don't know what world class mean's do you? Werner has nearly 30 goal contributions this season, I guess he's world class as well.

  28. Jim Abraham

    Jim Abraham4 days ago

    Tbf Griezmann would've helped teams like Juventus,united if he had joined them. He had that potential, Infact literally most of barca's signings post 2015 CL win would've had successful career somewhere else. Coutinho,Dembele, Pjanic etc. Would've being successful in an another team

  29. MS

    MS3 days ago

    @Jim Abraham Im a Juve fan. Juve let Pjanic go cause he isnt the same player he used to be. His last season at Juve he was anonymous and a rotation option really. It would be luxury to just keep a player for freekicks. Also the financial situation. He was earning too much for his impact.

  30. Jim Abraham

    Jim Abraham3 days ago

    @MS and you didn't really get it,didn't you?. Griezmann and coutinho had to sacrifice their original roles for messi and they never fitted into the style the managers used. Coutinho was played as a winger when he was a 10,Griezmann was supposed to be playing that false 9 role which was the position messi was playing at. If they didn't go to barca,they would've being successful in a team which suited them. United and juve wanted a player like him that time but united got Fernandes and juve completely changed into a different side under sarri and pirlo. You can see what's happening to Pjanic as well, he was a key player for juve last season but they treat him like a squad player.

  31. Jim Abraham

    Jim Abraham3 days ago

    @MS Bayern wanted to retain him but barca wanted to sell him for a huge price. Last summer,Bayern were aware of the pandemic situation,since they already signed a big money signing in Sané,they didn't take the risk to sign other costly players. They would've signed Hudson odoi if it wasn't for for the pandemic. Same thing for coutinho.

  32. MS

    MS4 days ago

    @Olaf Haroldsonn II You just said would have success in other teams. But player doesnt want other clubs?

  33. Olaf Haroldsonn II

    Olaf Haroldsonn II4 days ago

    @MS Coutinho wanted to come back

  34. Earl Jay

    Earl Jay4 days ago

    Griezmann signing was to replace Messi.

  35. javathehut

    javathehut4 days ago

    we all knew this from day one they might as well try to sign marcelo

  36. Horatio hornblower

    Horatio hornblower4 days ago

    Barca just wanted to be a monopoly and failed

  37. Clown

    Clown4 days ago

    BarkaDogLona not barca

  38. Messi 👑

    Messi 👑4 days ago

    My top 5 best players of all time: 1. Pele 🐐 🇧🇷 2. Cristiano Ronaldo 🇵🇹 3. Maradona 🇦🇷 4. Omar Al Somah 🇸🇾 5. David De Gea 🇪🇸

  39. Ash Ketchum

    Ash Ketchum2 days ago

    @Divenaldo Penaldo Cruyff doesn't deserve to be anywhere near the top 5, he is one of the best managers of all time but players like Messi, roneldo, van Basten, Pele, Maradona, etc were all better

  40. Divenaldo Penaldo

    Divenaldo Penaldo4 days ago

    My favourite 5 players 1.Zidane 2.Messi 3. Maradona 4. Cruyff 5.maldini

  41. Clown

    Clown4 days ago

    Not Pessi

  42. revydmat

    revydmat4 days ago

    The decision to get rid of PressPass (and Tommy Smyth with a Y) and bring in this crew of pundits was incorrect by ESPN

  43. Adam Chillingsworth

    Adam Chillingsworth4 days ago

    These guys were the guys on presspass

  44. Jatin

    Jatin4 days ago

    Griezmann and Coutinho are the players you build the team around. Just like Ronaldinho, Zlatan and Neymar.

  45. Jatin

    Jatin2 days ago

    @Ash Ketchum You know that Zlatan has 22 goals and 16 assists during that season, right? AND a record that is still unbeaten:5 goals in his first 5 games.

  46. Ash Ketchum

    Ash Ketchum2 days ago

    But... Barca never build around any of those players. Zlatan was a bench player at Barca, Neymar was under Messi, and only Ronaldinho was until Messi took over

  47. Rishabh Avasthi

    Rishabh Avasthi4 days ago

    Neymar and messi got along prety well,even tho the team was built around messi. This statement is not wholly true

  48. Hindo Beast

    Hindo Beast4 days ago

    I wish there was a way to downvote comments like these tbh

  49. Nino

    Nino4 days ago


  50. Andrew Vaughan

    Andrew Vaughan4 days ago

    swap dembele and griezmann for mbappe (1 year left on contract)if they can. throw in a few others if needed as well

  51. experiment

    experiment4 days ago

    @Andrew Vaughan Mbappe will stay at psg

  52. Andrew Vaughan

    Andrew Vaughan4 days ago

    @Jim Abraham i know he'll likely go to madrid, but it would a good way to offload the useless players at barca

  53. Jim Abraham

    Jim Abraham4 days ago

    Mbappe won't move to barca lol

  54. Haseeb

    Haseeb4 days ago

    Why's Griezmann ESPN's favourite topic lmao. New vid on him every week

  55. Rishabh Avasthi

    Rishabh Avasthi4 days ago

    @Clown yes

  56. Haseeb

    Haseeb4 days ago

    @Clown ok

  57. Clown

    Clown4 days ago

    Your club BarkaDogLona is finished

  58. John Blessed

    John Blessed4 days ago

    Griezmann and Coutinho can be great players for other teams, just shut it ESPN, lol 😒😞😂

  59. Himanshu Rajdev

    Himanshu Rajdev4 days ago

    They do well for their national teams

  60. Hamza Akhtar

    Hamza Akhtar4 days ago

    The decision of them going to Barcelona was incorrect, no one is saying that they are bad players.

  61. Mr D

    Mr D4 days ago

    Countinho left barca and did better with bayern

  62. Divenaldo Penaldo

    Divenaldo Penaldo4 days ago

    @Clown can u work as a standup comedian in my restaurant

  63. Din Bachok

    Din Bachok4 days ago

    Theres no messi in other clubs lol. Only man city succeeded in playing multiple number 10.

  64. Honest VARdrid FAN Penaldo Goat Fan Club

    Honest VARdrid FAN Penaldo Goat Fan Club4 days ago

    Messi is the goat with werner

  65. Messi 👑

    Messi 👑4 days ago

    Not even the best of his generation, Ronaldo is clearly better, only Barka Pepsi fans will disagree with me. Pele is the greatest of all time

  66. Divenaldo Penaldo

    Divenaldo Penaldo4 days ago

    @Clown he meant the man with 6 ballon d’or

  67. Clown

    Clown4 days ago

    Messi? You mean Pessi

  68. Voke50

    Voke504 days ago

    When he was signing the world was hyping him up calling him the best signing lol.. Now that he has a few mistakes everyone is turning their back on him.

  69. Froku

    Froku4 days ago

    He hasnt made any mistakes. Its just that he doesnt fit barca as long as messi is there.

  70. Divenaldo Penaldo

    Divenaldo Penaldo4 days ago

    @True Justice at least has more international trophies than messi, ronaldo and neymar combined

  71. King D.J. Spemce Da ONE ✌💙

    King D.J. Spemce Da ONE ✌💙4 days ago

    @True Justice just like Trashmar😭😭

  72. Honest VARdrid FAN Penaldo Goat Fan Club

    Honest VARdrid FAN Penaldo Goat Fan Club4 days ago

    Penaldo is finished

  73. True Justice

    True Justice4 days ago

    Yeah you’re right he’s a terrible player

  74. Clown

    Clown4 days ago

    Finished player

  75. Agüero

    Agüero4 days ago

    Finished Clown

  76. King D.J. Spemce Da ONE ✌💙

    King D.J. Spemce Da ONE ✌💙4 days ago

    Better than 4th genna

  77. Morad Khaouda

    Morad Khaouda4 days ago

    Dude had more than 30 goals contributions this season, he had a much better season than most forwards in europe, y'all just like to hate for no reason.

  78. Ash Ketchum

    Ash Ketchum2 days ago

    @clivepeacock I swear Moreno hates barca players so much for absolutely no reason

  79. Divenaldo Penaldo

    Divenaldo Penaldo4 days ago

    @Clown you are an underrated standup comedian

  80. Clown

    Clown4 days ago

    Overrated Pessi

  81. Morad Khaouda

    Morad Khaouda4 days ago

    @Divenaldo Penaldo he still had a much better season than how they are making it sound.

  82. Messi 👑

    Messi 👑4 days ago

    @clivepeacock I know right 😂, who do these pundits think they are

  83. Jonnie

    Jonnie4 days ago

    Yes, 100%. Leo deserve Mbappe and Haaland, not Griezmann who bottle in big game.

  84. Zey Mora

    Zey Mora4 days ago

    He does what Messi has been doing the last couple of seasons and you can the griez for the copa lol casual

  85. Divenaldo Penaldo

    Divenaldo Penaldo4 days ago

    @Clown finished after winning most number of ballon d’or in the history of football

  86. Clown

    Clown4 days ago

    Leo is finished

  87. Divenaldo Penaldo

    Divenaldo Penaldo4 days ago

    As if barca didn’t bottle before griezmann arrived

  88. M.I.X FCB

    M.I.X FCB4 days ago

    Griezmann is good and all but ppl need to chill out, I can’t stand their fanbase saying that Barca should bench Messi and play Griezmann.

  89. M.I.X FCB

    M.I.X FCB2 days ago

    @Ash Ketchum Check Talkfcb, lots of Griezmann fanboys said that.

  90. Ash Ketchum

    Ash Ketchum2 days ago

    Literally no one said that but ok buddy

  91. Rayyan Abedullaziz

    Rayyan Abedullaziz4 days ago

    @King D.J. Spemce Da ONE ✌💙 Better than Penmann.

  92. King D.J. Spemce Da ONE ✌💙

    King D.J. Spemce Da ONE ✌💙4 days ago

    @Divenaldo Penaldo better than penaldo

  93. Divenaldo Penaldo

    Divenaldo Penaldo4 days ago

    @Clown he meant the man with 6 ballon d’or

  94. 4th Genna - Rayan Cherki The GOAT.

    4th Genna - Rayan Cherki The GOAT.4 days ago

    No, Antoine Griezmann signing for Barcelona was incorrect. Barcelona didn't forced him to sign

  95. 4th Genna - Rayan Cherki The GOAT.

    4th Genna - Rayan Cherki The GOAT.4 days ago

    @Cat the useless comment is the response to my comment Dawgs. Try again kitty

  96. Divenaldo Penaldo

    Divenaldo Penaldo4 days ago

    @Clown he meant the club that won 5 ucl titles

  97. Cat

    Cat4 days ago

    By that logic Barcelona buying Griezmann was incorrect. Griezmann didn't force Barcelona to buy him. Which is literally what Ale just said so I don't see your point. Useless comment.

  98. Clown

    Clown4 days ago

    Barcelona? You mean BarkaDogLona

  99. M.I.X FCB

    M.I.X FCB4 days ago

    I would really like to see Griezmann play for Liverpool. He’s the perfect false 9 to replace Firmino.

  100. M.I.X FCB

    M.I.X FCB2 days ago

    @Ash Ketchum False 9/attacking mid/second striker you get the point.

  101. Ash Ketchum

    Ash Ketchum2 days ago

    Mate... Griezmann isn't a false 9, and he's 500 times better than firmino

  102. 4th Genna - Rayan Cherki The GOAT.

    4th Genna - Rayan Cherki The GOAT.2 days ago

    @Talia Mason He's good. Only ever watched 2 games of him and highlights but I'm convinced

  103. Talia Mason

    Talia Mason4 days ago

    @4th Genna - Rayan Cherki The GOAT. What a signing that would be. Apparently said to be announced next week too.

  104. Clown

    Clown4 days ago

    Because your club BarkaDogLona is finished