Is PSG a better fit for Georginio Wijnaldum than Barcelona? | ESPN FC

Jan Aage Fjortoft, Steve Nicol and Shaka Hislop join Dan Thomas on ESPN FC to react to reports Liverpool and Netherlands midfielder Georginio Wijnaldum is on the verge of joining Paris-Saint Germain after months of speculation a move to Barcelona was inevitable.

0:00 How PSG was able to overtake Barca for Wijnaldum.
1:05 Does Wijnaldum move the French giant a step closer to its ultimate objective of winning the UEFA Champions League?
2:03 Which club would the guys rather join PSG or Barcelona if they were in Wijnaldum's situation?

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  1. Colin Mc

    Colin McDay ago

    The only reason he ran down his Liverpool deal is because he thought Barca would go up on his 90k a week contract. Then they offer him 80k a week. I bet he was upset and insulted.

  2. Colin Mc

    Colin McDay ago

    Honestly if PSG didn't come in, I would bet my house he would just re-up with Liverpool. Why would he ever pick Barca for less money?

  3. Colin Mc

    Colin McDay ago

    Barcelona are so pathetic. They offered less money than Liverpool. Why would he run down his contract and then leave Liverpool for Barca on worse money? Arrogant and stupid. I'm sure he felt insulted and then PSG comes in and offers what he expected. No surprise.

  4. Stephen Ord

    Stephen Ord2 days ago

    As long as he gets his cash he'll be be fine

  5. Nishan Barpujari

    Nishan Barpujari3 days ago

    How can barca attract a player when a other club offer 6 million more than u . Also considering the fact that barca's recent form has been not that gd

  6. Atiff Mohammed

    Atiff Mohammed4 days ago

    Good on Gina, better choice and better money. PSG needs his experience and skill

  7. D B

    D B4 days ago

    For those saying that he chose money, Psg is a better project than Barcelona…. Look at the last two seasons. Psg is a team that can win the champions league, Barcelona is in reconstruction.

  8. sharathkumar B

    sharathkumar B5 days ago

    We have pedri busquets puig Frankie's.and no place for overrated player gini

  9. Anas Iqbal

    Anas Iqbal5 days ago

    You Barca fans are ridiculous 😂😂😂 you act like you don't care if someone dumps your barca but shits out of you guys 😂😂😂😂

  10. ROGER B-D-R

    ROGER B-D-R6 days ago

    depay should go too it s better for him Barca don t want depay they bought aguero garcia emerson etc psg it s a good side

  11. Daniel Torres Saenz

    Daniel Torres Saenz6 days ago

    This is only about money. saying it’s about anything else is a huge joke

  12. Alisher Seitov

    Alisher Seitov6 days ago

    Thank you PSG. Barca fan.

  13. Vishal Vinod

    Vishal Vinod6 days ago

    OH NO . Anyway......

  14. CHR 15

    CHR 156 days ago

    We lost a great player with him joining PSG. Fans that are happy are actually clueless.

  15. Adarsha Tiwari

    Adarsha Tiwari6 days ago

    Gueye > Wijnaldum

  16. Andre Gayle

    Andre Gayle6 days ago

    Funny how they dont realized that 95% of bars fans are thanking psg for coming in....we did not want him at barsa....maybe 2 or 3 years ago we did but not now ...Barcelona have other needs


    CLOS CLOS6 days ago

    As a liverpool fan ...I just want him somewhere where he will be happy

  18. somebodyelseuk

    somebodyelseuk6 days ago

    Everywhere is a better fit right now. If Barcelona was in Britain, they'd be in administration. Don't know how it works in Spain, but it can't be long before their creditors say time's up. When that day comes, the players and coaches are out of work.

  19. Parth Sarda

    Parth Sarda7 days ago

    I have the same height as compared to his.

  20. marinerphil xavi

    marinerphil xavi7 days ago

    Trust me, Barca fans love this news. They didn't want Gini because he doesn't fit, it was Koeman who wanted him.

  21. Federal Bureau of Investigation

    Federal Bureau of Investigation6 days ago

    @Ali Raza then why you respond ?

  22. marinerphil xavi

    marinerphil xavi6 days ago

    @Ali Raza yup

  23. Ali Raza

    Ali Raza6 days ago

    No one cares


    DHEERAJ TELUGU7 days ago

    better he didn't join barca

  25. peter maher

    peter maher7 days ago

    Why would anyone pass u the opportunity to Play with Messi?!!!!!!!

  26. Suhaib Ghazi

    Suhaib Ghazi7 days ago

    He has like zero assists in his last 165 games. Mbappe and Neymar are gonna learn pretty quickly that he's not gonna get them the ball quickly or decisively. His defensive workrate is phenomenal though. Needs to be used correctly and he can be very valuable to any team.

  27. Wenaas

    Wenaas7 days ago


  28. Elwanda Keihl

    Elwanda Keihl7 days ago

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  29. Saibot

    Saibot7 days ago

    More money, better chance to win UCL, I see this an absolute win for Wijnuldum.

  30. Zander Pierce

    Zander Pierce7 days ago

    Really Happy? Remember the 8-2 Bayern Munich? Still Happy? Shameless Fan Memphis Depay, Aguero, Coutinho, 😂😂 Still Happy with your squad No wonder the Club is burning The fans are retarted as well You play FIFA at your parents home and think you can apply your football logic to real world. This Club used to stand for something Beautiful. Remember Arsenal, AC Milan? Golden days to Zero That's what Barcelona is It's just another version of Argentina 2.0

  31. Abhinav Lal

    Abhinav Lal7 days ago

    As a Barca fan, I want PSG in UCL next season now. Time to show them their place as well as show that snake 🐍 Njr his place.

  32. Sam Z

    Sam Z7 days ago

    We don’t care

  33. dan kong

    dan kong7 days ago

    Komen is the one we need to get rid of it..

  34. VersaVEVO

    VersaVEVO7 days ago


  35. Aiden Ford

    Aiden Ford7 days ago

    All these bitter barca fans remember his 2 goals ;) nice one

  36. bonkerzisgood

    bonkerzisgood7 days ago

    Pedri and De Jong are 10x the player Wijnaldum is

  37. bonkerzisgood

    bonkerzisgood3 days ago

    @KDB You think starting for Barca is easy 😬

  38. bonkerzisgood

    bonkerzisgood3 days ago

    @KDB Key players for Spain and Netherlands at 18 and 24, and undisputed startes for Barca, they are elite

  39. Seyi Olaleye

    Seyi Olaleye7 days ago

    More positives for Barcelona than negatives

  40. datboidiego

    datboidiego7 days ago

    Watching Barca fans pretend like they weren’t going crazy over him just a week ago is hilarious


    AMADU SAJOR BAH7 days ago

    we are greatfull no problem good luck wijnaldum🖒🖒

  42. Michelle Yass Lee

    Michelle Yass Lee7 days ago

    PSG cant collect CL trophies, so they decided to collect players who won CL. Wise move.

  43. Ankit kumar

    Ankit kumar7 days ago

    Money can't buy champions league 😂😂Go on splash oil money !! Psg

  44. LiFE of an OREO

    LiFE of an OREO7 days ago

    PSG still needs a solid top level CDM, Fernadinho would be another steal.

  45. Haggai 3.

    Haggai 3.7 days ago

    Absolutely essential. Great point.

  46. Tareq Younis

    Tareq Younis7 days ago

    It's funny, these clowns on the show will find any reason to say a player is a bad fit for Barcelona.. Halaand can join Barca and these clowns will still manage to make it seem like a negative signing. So far they've been negative about Aguero, Garcia and I'm sure when Depay joins they will also be negative about it. But when it comes to clubs like PSG, they can sign players that are terrible and these clowns will make it seem like the best signing for them smh...

  47. Ghassan Hussain

    Ghassan Hussain7 days ago

    Bla bla bla... bla bla bla, it’s all about this $$$, and this $$$ only.

  48. Saul Bañuelos

    Saul Bañuelos7 days ago

    I’m so glad that he didn’t join Barcelona it woulda been one of the worse signings

  49. Nishil chaudhary

    Nishil chaudhary7 days ago

    When wijnaldum was about to sign for Barca -He is just another 30 year old mess at Barcelona And now when he signs for psg he suddenly becomes a terrific player 🙃

  50. Josh

    Josh7 days ago

    Thank god psg stepped in and got him

  51. Linda Linda

    Linda Linda7 days ago

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  52. FarGo123

    FarGo1237 days ago

    Lmao people saying Wijnaldium would replace Busquets, Busquets can break lines with single pass and hit long passes accurately. Wijnaldium doesn't match a foot with Busquets

  53. Miguel Wijntuin

    Miguel Wijntuin7 days ago

    Let him go to psg barça have a lot of talents

  54. Zemas Paze

    Zemas Paze7 days ago

    Secure the bag 💰🤣

  55. Fernando Anaya

    Fernando Anaya7 days ago

    How is Barça the better choice? Messi their talisman, is at the end of his career. And the succession plan seems to be lets hope Fati, Puig and co become the reincarnation of Xavi and Iniesta.

  56. Luise Brink

    Luise Brink7 days ago

    Barcelona fans talking about overpaying:))

  57. Jonathan Gadzini

    Jonathan Gadzini7 days ago

    Go for it Gini, you deserve it.

  58. Not Thisguy

    Not Thisguy7 days ago

    Let’s not forget that Barca have massive financial issues and players that don’t mesh well and are old. They recent transfers have been poor. If they can tight the ship, I’d go there, but for now PSG is a slightly better destination.

  59. methodius uwizera

    methodius uwizera7 days ago

    People are talking about only money and history as if the PSG sporting project isnt much better than Barcelona's at the moment

  60. ChungWei Wang

    ChungWei Wang7 days ago

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  61. stunner s

    stunner s7 days ago

    Its not about messi or mbappe...its about the money he gets...almost double with psg

  62. Leading Man Attraction

    Leading Man Attraction7 days ago

    Money can’t buy you love... but it can buy you a good midfielder from Liverpool 😂

  63. Juan Vivar

    Juan Vivar7 days ago

    One big issue here, ONLY Koeman wanted this player. Not the fans nor the board.

  64. JIREN

    JIREN7 days ago

    See wijnaldum is a decent player, he would've been a good addition to barcelona but it can also turn out to be a blessing in disguise for barcelona 😌....( I AM A REAL MADRID FAN SO NO RUBBISH COMMENTS.)

  65. Adams Liady

    Adams Liady7 days ago

    Not a single barca fans wants him except keoman but it means more minutes for the young mid Fiedler

  66. Rohit

    Rohit7 days ago

    Thanks psg

  67. Purojeet Pattanayak

    Purojeet Pattanayak7 days ago

    Winaldum is not attractive young talent

  68. Purojeet Pattanayak

    Purojeet Pattanayak7 days ago

    Good for puig and moriba few barcelona fans are happy actually 😀

  69. Tailong

    Tailong7 days ago

    It's all about money nowdays and more power to him, double the salary at 30 is insane, good for him, also I see it as a everyone is a winner situation PSG get a good midfield maybe with qualities that they don't currently have, and Barcelona dodge a bullet signing another aging 30 year old that is was on the list exclusively because he was free and Koeman wanted him, also knowing Koeman probably won't be there next season

  70. javier book shadows contributor du

    javier book shadows contributor du7 days ago

    704th comment

  71. iyad muhsen

    iyad muhsen7 days ago

    So now he is great player?? When he was moving to barca everyone said he is old

  72. Preston Park FC

    Preston Park FC7 days ago

    I think he’s underrate. I’d be happy for him to go to Barcelona especially with Koeman in charge

  73. kopxpert

    kopxpert7 days ago

    Why should we care if he's going for money or not? People in football are such drama queens lol

  74. Mohammed Nabil Tandel

    Mohammed Nabil Tandel7 days ago

    He knows his job at Barcelona will be to have 100 pass per match

  75. Lindokuhle Khulasande

    Lindokuhle Khulasande7 days ago

    What a good decision... Well done Gini...

  76. Sandesh Sapkota

    Sandesh Sapkota7 days ago

    Money talks!! SAD

  77. Gogou Sitlhou

    Gogou Sitlhou7 days ago

    Please don't come to Barca.

  78. ChrisMeerkat

    ChrisMeerkat7 days ago

    From Barça's perspective, he's not getting younger. From the player's perspective, PSG have more money and it's easier to win trophies in France.

  79. ChrisMeerkat

    ChrisMeerkat6 days ago

    @somebodyelseuk Barça FC is an association, not the same entity as The Generalitat de Catalunya and i believe Spain like most countries, is already bankrupt.

  80. somebodyelseuk

    somebodyelseuk6 days ago

    @ChrisMeerkat Not when your your running costs already exceed your revenue and you're over a billion in debt. If Catalunya were independant, FC Barcelona would instantly render it bankrupt.

  81. ChrisMeerkat

    ChrisMeerkat6 days ago

    @somebodyelseuk True, but Aguero is a World class goal machine, plus on a free and accepting a wage cut. If he can regain his fitness, its pretty good business.

  82. somebodyelseuk

    somebodyelseuk6 days ago

    @ChrisMeerkat Like Aguero?

  83. ChrisMeerkat

    ChrisMeerkat6 days ago

    @somebodyelseuk Looks like Barça r trying to introduce a younger squad at the moment. Seems their days of buying expensive, experienced players are over for now.

  84. Visça el Barça

    Visça el Barça7 days ago

    PSG are attracting players because they have good money, not because of a sporting project or anything like that...their whole game depends upon the partnership of Neymar and Mbappe...and also upon Keylor Navas sometimes.

  85. Ramdani Badreddine

    Ramdani Badreddine7 days ago

    Nasser Al khalifi said "Football is for the Poor ", then he pays players triple the salaries any team can pay , his BEIN Sport package is so expensive and only few can actually pay that amount to be able to watch Football. He ruined Football with greed .

  86. Akins Okuwa

    Akins Okuwa7 days ago

    Is not a problem to barca maybe he should ask Neymar he went to psg for money and he never win champion league nor footballer of the year

  87. Shubh Dugar

    Shubh Dugar7 days ago

    Thanks for not coming wijnaldum 💪

  88. Branko :D

    Branko :D7 days ago

    Lol psg has a lot better team than barcelona so isn't all about the money

  89. McTapoutos

    McTapoutos7 days ago

    Paris a great place to live ? Dear Lord 😂😂😂

  90. Now-you-see-this

    Now-you-see-this7 days ago

    For someone who got relegated with Newcastle United not long back this offer from PSG is a goldmine. Good money + guaranteed trophies In any case he has won everything with Liverpool and, at this point Barca can promise him neither money nor success.

  91. Rohith Celsius

    Rohith Celsius7 days ago

    Thank you psg

  92. anil bodar

    anil bodar7 days ago

    Psg is a joke club , after spending this much they don't have CL and this year they are second in league its shame for neymar , mbappe people praising them like they are messi and cr7 but they can't deliver in farmer league .dan saying gini decision is footballing wise 😂😂😂😂 its purely about money . All psg have is money and no challenge so it's easy for player who wants to rest .. its like mls in Europe

  93. Shado2

    Shado27 days ago

    Dont act like there was any other insentive than the money.

  94. Gulinder Oberoi

    Gulinder Oberoi7 days ago

    Bunch of clowns taking football

  95. Christian WAG

    Christian WAG7 days ago

    STEVIE, 😎😎😂😂

  96. Wesley McGlone

    Wesley McGlone7 days ago

    Too good for Barca, Barca have become a bit of a joke club. Great for memes

  97. Arun

    Arun7 days ago

    Wijnaldum is a liverpool player. Why barca fans interfering in someone decision and life. Also who is gonna give the physical strength barca needed in midfield? Last time they signed Arturo Vidal.

  98. Abhishek Saha

    Abhishek Saha7 days ago

    PSG president thinks they can buy all the top players by splashing ourageous money but that won't do any good.. They will never win UCL.. Year after year they failed and it will continue.. Man city, Chelsea, Bayern, dortmund, real Madrid, barca, atletico, inter Milan all are much better than PSG.. PSG is a ship that can never sail

  99. FarLeDJ

    FarLeDJ7 days ago

    Footballing turns? Nope. This is ALL about the money. PSG reportedly offered double the money barca did, and barcelona have become smarter financially, and won't make stupid deals to get players. But yeah, these pundits try everything to make it seem like it was smth else than money

  100. druk druk

    druk druk7 days ago

    your right 8-?, 4-?, 3-? ohh yea footballing turns...Barca ohh no

  101. Kartik Baberwal

    Kartik Baberwal7 days ago

    CL winning midfield... Xavi iniesta busi.....modric kroos casemiro....and then comes the legendary paredes verrati wijnaldum🤣🤣🤣

  102. Ali Raza

    Ali Raza6 days ago

    @Kartik Baberwal Wijnaldum won the champions League as well destroying your Barks dogs in the process don't forget😂

  103. Kartik Baberwal

    Kartik Baberwal7 days ago

    @MKS it was xavi+iniesta+busi combined that made them the best trio ever. Midfield is not about individual.players

  104. back wards

    back wards7 days ago

    @MKS actually all three at PSG are class, but just not enough to win the UCL

  105. MKS

    MKS7 days ago

    Veratti is class ..wdym

  106. Krishnakant Tiwari

    Krishnakant Tiwari7 days ago

    Wijnaldium is a bang average player he'll be taking minutes away from youngsters anyway also he's not a defensive midfielder hence he's not the Busquets replacement and pedri and de Jong are more than likely to grow in the amount of gametime and in terms of playstyle also there's youth needing gametime for me he's just a bit worse than rakitic coz he doesn't score as much as rakitic did so it's whatever..

  107. Simoko James Phiri

    Simoko James Phiri7 days ago

    Good decision Gini, secure the bag young king 🙏🏿. We Barca fans won't even appreciate you anyway because technically you're not the right fit, you'd be another Vidal or Pjanic. We'd rather see those minutes you'd get go to Illaix, Pedri and Riqui. Thank you for doing the right thing Gini, you're a life saver. Edit: Lmao these guys for acting like PSG offering him a lot more money than Barca did wasn't a big part of his decision.

  108. Education Central

    Education Central7 days ago

    A good player but not a ' must have' for Barcelona. Deserves to go to whomever pays him best.

  109. The Video Shot

    The Video Shot7 days ago

    He is a leader, a consistent performer who is available throughout. Gonna be very useful for PSG. Don't forget PSG have done better than Barca in the last 2 CLs.

  110. Suljon Taraj

    Suljon TarajDay ago

    @Kartik Baberwal bro you good he said done better in the last 2 ucls

  111. Kartik Baberwal

    Kartik Baberwal7 days ago

    Done better😆u have to win it to be better😂

  112. WHO AM I ?  ✓

    WHO AM I ? ✓7 days ago

    PSG >>> BARCA ( 2019-2021) At age of 30 and 31 , he has nothing more to proove .Now befor 5 to 6 years of retirement ,he just needds money .That's simple

  113. Anka Solanki

    Anka Solanki7 days ago

    lets go alleZ paris

  114. mike bobbings

    mike bobbings7 days ago

    5.7 ft ?

  115. animaltrousers

    animaltrousers7 days ago

    That’s what i was thinking, The guy isn’t the same size as Messi lol

  116. Aobakwe Kaelo

    Aobakwe Kaelo7 days ago

    So everything is going well behind the scenes at PSG? Pochetino wants to bail himself out so it can't really be about the manager

  117. Chino Pshyco

    Chino Pshyco8 days ago

    I have to Thank PSG for such wonderful job for getting Gini, what a wonderful brilliant and excellent signing, especially to Gini, I thank u for choosing money (PSG). I’m so very happy for my club Barca. I’m not worried on our midfield Barcelona. We don’t need him. 🤗

  118. WorldIsFilledB

    WorldIsFilledB4 days ago

    @KDB you don’t interpret things well do you, I was clearly being sarcastic cmon now lol

  119. WorldIsFilledB

    WorldIsFilledB7 days ago

    Good luck with your midfield lol they did great things this season haha

  120. Yu Ishigami

    Yu Ishigami8 days ago

    As a cule I can say I don't mind Gini choosing Psg... Knowing Koeman he would have sent Puig back to Barca B if Gini signed😑

  121. bynahelemaal

    bynahelemaal8 days ago

    Too bad for barcelona, they needed a player with depth and speed like him to add diversity to a midfield of nothing but the same type of dribblers… barca fans out here happy, ofc the same people thought mascherano, suarez, henry should not have been bought bc they do not fit the barca way xD