'Gareth Southgate MUST get England to attack!' Predicting England's starting XI | EURO 2020

ESPN FC's Gab Marcotti and Julien Laurens discuss what they would do if they were in Gareth Southgate's position as England manager with some "unsolicited advice" ahead of their EURO 2020 opener vs Croatia.

0:00 Deciding on a winning formation
2:20 Should Mason Mount play deeper?
3:19 Is Phil Foden guaranteed to start?
4:39 Could a 4-1-4-1 formation suit England better?

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  1. Parasar Ghosh

    Parasar GhoshDay ago

    Espn experts views never matches with that of the coach. I have seen this happening most of the times across countries/clubs. Just look at today's England team.

  2. Tiger Bry

    Tiger BryDay ago

    Sooooo vanilla!!! Too boring. Zero enthusiasm.

  3. TheRobione1

    TheRobione1Day ago

    Why does the schedule say England vs. Croatia at 9;00 A.M. should it be p.m.?

  4. madglover

    madgloverDay ago

    They know Maguire is injured right?

  5. jake fellows

    jake fellowsDay ago

    Grealish over anyone. I’m a United fan but rashford absolutely should not start

  6. Monica Fusich

    Monica Fusich2 days ago

    Croatia for the win!

  7. K O

    K O2 days ago

    It is Croatia vs a few english and half of africa. Don't sugar coat the truth.

  8. Ahmed Farah

    Ahmed Farah2 days ago

    England# 4 Croatia# 2

  9. Alex G

    Alex G2 days ago

    Henderson Walker Maguire Stones Shaw Mount Rice Grealish Sancho Kane Rashford

  10. dre

    dre3 days ago

    them overlooking Shaw for the most did it for me

  11. stephen291994

    stephen2919943 days ago

    my heart says semi or final, my head says, draw every game in the group , go out against the first decent team.


    MMMHOTCHEEZE2 days ago

    It will be 1st in the group and likely out in R16 because the tournament format is dogshit.

  13. Alastair Brewster

    Alastair Brewster3 days ago

    Chilwell should be playing not shaw

  14. Jay Michael

    Jay Michael3 days ago

    Its so funny how people are so negative and want to be right that we will go out early as if its some kind of personal victory.. only English people are so negative in their mentality, and I'm pretty sure they are negative about most things in life, in no other country ive visited and people I've spoke to have I ever...EVER heard people speak such negativity towards something they claim to love and watch and enjoy .., but this is part of the reason I'm emigrating to live a better life and leave the misery that is england and miserable bastards I see every day moaning their lives away... so thank you for that, you made me want to be part of something better, cos your part of the problem, and you made me think of being part of the solution... , say what you want.. I don't really care, if its negativity its stemmed from jealousy, and if its positivity and understanding then I wish u all the best.. I will not be replying..

  15. Graham Orr

    Graham Orr3 days ago

    Gareth’s own condom style football from a misguided politician!

  16. Mark Davis

    Mark Davis3 days ago

    Croatia will smash this team

  17. Piggy!!!

    Piggy!!!2 days ago

    Lets hope Their people's arrogance will be tbeir downfall

  18. Kemper Boyd

    Kemper Boyd3 days ago

    It will be too little too late. I would play to our strength and utilise the attacking options at our disposal. High tempo, high energy, pressing high up the pitch and imposing constant pressure game. The truth is he is going to go with a back 5, and wing backs, he will sacrifice an attacking flair player in order to play a defensive/holding midfielder. We are better suited, and have always had more success when we play a typical English style of football. I have doubts about our ability to come from behind in the case of conceding an early goal. Our tendency to rely on counter attacking is an easy threat to deal with, when a decent team has taken the lead, such as Italy etc....we are more likely to concede again in the pursuit of forcing the game.

  19. ostoja martrix

    ostoja martrix4 days ago

    2-0 for small country

  20. Salam Sanusi

    Salam Sanusi4 days ago

    ESPN disrespect Chelsea players too much

  21. Lee Thomas

    Lee Thomas4 days ago

    Rashford not good enough to start. Southgate loves these pace merchants.

  22. razbigranicu

    razbigranicu4 days ago

    Why does it look it's always bad weather outside those windows?

  23. James Austin

    James Austin4 days ago

    This is so stupid. I cba.

  24. ke'rizme brown

    ke'rizme brown4 days ago

    Thats not gonna happen.

  25. Barry Boland

    Barry Boland4 days ago

    why tf would Rashford start lol.... PR7

  26. Michael

    Michael4 days ago

    Julien gotta stop talking down Gab. Shaw as a LCB could work, it's not a ridiculous idea

  27. Michael

    Michael4 days ago

    a left footed cb is never a NECESSITY. It's just helpful.

  28. Ze_ Abracadabra

    Ze_ Abracadabra4 days ago

    Rashford is not good man! How is he better than Grealish, sterling, Foden ,Sancho??

  29. Football Fan

    Football Fan4 days ago

    England have too many good attackers but manager doesn't know how to use 😭.... So poor Southgate must have to leave

  30. Star Boy

    Star Boy4 days ago

    England don’t have the pedigree that is needed for the big stage. Average players with inflated prices over their head. They beat small pub teams but they always get smacked up by the big boys when it really matters.

  31. John smith

    John smith4 days ago


  32. Matteo Pavlinovic

    Matteo Pavlinovic4 days ago


  33. Robin LaBouche

    Robin LaBouche4 days ago

    Not Rashford Noooooooooooooooooooo !!!!!!!

  34. Chris

    Chris4 days ago

    I hope Gareth Southgate was watching how the England Cricket Team handled things this morning regarding racism, diversity and inclusivity!!!

  35. Garry James

    Garry James4 days ago

    The weakest link is the manager. England will limp out weakly having under performed.

  36. Febian Lim

    Febian Lim5 days ago

    It should be 4-3-3, England need to play with his strength their attacking ability, they cant afford to sit back like World Cup 2018 because now England has the likes of sancho/ grealish/ mount/ foden. In center back it should be ben white- john stone, please dont play tyrone mings, he isnt good enough.

  37. Diesel Fluid

    Diesel Fluid5 days ago

    Just came here to dislike, the amount of England national team videos on ESPN is annoying.


    LUFCWHITES115 days ago

    Our warm up games have been absolutely pointless. He's so worried about more injuries the 11 that's starts the comp will barely know each other


    LUFCWHITES115 days ago

    Southgate is totally gonna bottle this. Some amazing talent but his precious favourites will cost us. Sticking with Henderson despite Phillips having a great season and solid England performances along with Bellingham coming through make his place in the squad a total waste for me Mings is a disaster waiting to happen. Been getting away with assault for years now and he's gonna get found out if he plays. Mount Foden and Grealish would all start for me.

  40. Abhik Mazumder

    Abhik Mazumder4 days ago

    @LUFCWHITES11 what? 😂😂 bro you clearly never watched liverpool this season then, he only missed the last month or so. He played almost every game before that


    LUFCWHITES114 days ago

    @Abhik Mazumder but he's barely played all season

  42. Abhik Mazumder

    Abhik Mazumder4 days ago

    Henderson is the best box to box player they have, he's got to start. I would play him over rice tbh, maybe move rice to center back

  43. Hanin Muhammed

    Hanin Muhammed5 days ago

    Why ignore grealish

  44. Ramdani Badreddine

    Ramdani Badreddine5 days ago

    With a coach like that i don't expect anything from england but to underperfom like they always dod since 1966 , he always has horrible selection choices , if Sterling and Handerson started that would be the end of this team , they should be the Euros favorites along with France but they always manage to play rubbish in important stages of any competition .

  45. Alex Edwards

    Alex Edwards5 days ago

    So let’s play an inconsistent rashford ahead of grealish 🤔 makes total sense

  46. gaivscaesar

    gaivscaesar5 days ago

    GK: Johnstone Back 3: Maguire, Stones, Walker LWB: Chilwell RWB: James MF: Mount, Rice LW: Grealish RW: Sancho CF: Kane

  47. Daniel

    Daniel5 days ago

    Doesn’t matter. Croatia is still going to win.

  48. Ze_ Abracadabra

    Ze_ Abracadabra4 days ago

    Germany will win

  49. Hitesh Gaur

    Hitesh Gaur5 days ago

    I believe having it too attacking is same mistake that Lampard did with Chelsea. Chelsea was very poor on transitions, untill unless the attacking midfielders in whatever formation know their roles and responsibilities very well during defensive duties and can recover ball, and read oppositions game, there is no point of playing Mount, Foden or Grealish out of position too deep in Midfield. In modern game, Declan Rice will need one more box-to-box persson along side him. I would leave a attacking player in starting elevan, but defensive shape cannot be compromised.

  50. James Roome

    James Roome5 days ago

    Just attack. No problem winning games 4-3

  51. Hertha Forlive

    Hertha Forlive5 days ago

    This is one of the most unpredictable Tournaments I've ever seen. The team with best teamspirit will win that trophy.

  52. Brock Forster

    Brock Forster5 days ago

    If I was Southgate 4-3-3 (4-1-2-2-1) Henderson Shaw Maguire Stones Trippier Rice Foden Mount Grealish/Rashford Sancho Kane

  53. Phil Brown

    Phil Brown5 days ago

    Why is Gab talking about Maguire? He's unlikely to play in the tournament , much less the first match. 3-4-3 seems likely, particularly against Croatia.

  54. Get_ WRX

    Get_ WRX5 days ago

    For me. Back 4: Maguire, Stones, Walker, Shaw Midfield: Henderson, Rice, Grealish Fowards: Rashy, Kane, Foden

  55. Leon Iranosian

    Leon Iranosian5 days ago

    shaw over chillwell

  56. Luigi's TheBetterPlumber

    Luigi's TheBetterPlumber5 days ago

    I just want them to get their 1st match out of the way because I'm getting tired of hearing these 'Starting XI' predictions from all the media here.

  57. Kamogelo Kazfuego

    Kamogelo Kazfuego5 days ago

    Gabs Football IQ is so low.

  58. Brandon Harker

    Brandon Harker5 days ago

    Agreed, he's absolutely clueless.

  59. Robera Mitiku

    Robera Mitiku5 days ago

    James, walker , stones, Shaw , chill well for defenders ( assuming maguire is injured) then rice, mount and Foden… rashly and Kane

  60. S S

    S S5 days ago

    Kane foden grealish sancho must start

  61. Connor Yancy

    Connor Yancy5 days ago

    Jesus Christ is the only way into heaven

  62. Brandon Harker

    Brandon Harker5 days ago

    Doesn't matter who you idolize or worship, makes no difference. The only way into heaven is to live a righteous life.

  63. Nathan Jackson

    Nathan Jackson5 days ago

    Someone wanna tell them ruben dias is right footed 🤣

  64. Ismail Owolabi

    Ismail Owolabi5 days ago

    All these failed footballers suggesting what a top Manager should do or not. Its a lot of what's wrong with Football Journalism in our time.

  65. Eli Chavez

    Eli Chavez5 days ago

    This just tells me Jules would be a terrible coach!

  66. Brandon Harker

    Brandon Harker5 days ago

    We already knew that anyway. Mr know-it-all Gab would also be an awful and clueless coach. Pair of gossiping morons.

  67. Eli Chavez

    Eli Chavez5 days ago

    Chelsea won the champions league with three in the back and none being left footed

  68. Brandon Harker

    Brandon Harker5 days ago

    Dennis Irwin won all sorts with Man Utd playing left back, even though he's primarily right footed! He's not the only right footed player to have successfully played left back, or on the left side of defence either. Juls' ridiculous claim that you can't bring the ball out of the left side of defence if you're right footed is so clueless and wrong it's embarrassing.

  69. Visionary Child

    Visionary Child5 days ago

    Rudiger is left footed

  70. alexndr27

    alexndr275 days ago

    Love your guys debates 🤣🤣

  71. Red Panda Agency Entertainment

    Red Panda Agency Entertainment5 days ago

    Why England can’t get better coach? I don’t know England can’t beat France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Belgium if they don’t improve fast. They didn’t convince me at all against Austria and Romania

  72. drumthrasher

    drumthrasher5 days ago

    Our best Starting XI: 4-3-3 GK Pickford RB Walker RCB Stones LCB Maguire LB Chillwell CDM Rice RCM Mount LCM Grealish RW Sancho ST Kane LW Foden

  73. Abhik Mazumder

    Abhik Mazumder4 days ago

    @Attila 22 James and trippier are both >>>> Walker and Pickford is the worst keeper in the squad, but you're right otherwise

  74. Evan Hall

    Evan Hall5 days ago

    Replace rashford with foden and that’s the perfect lineup

  75. Karthic Venu

    Karthic Venu5 days ago

    Logical yea..gareth southgate will obviously go for a back 3..he's got a fetish for it

  76. Attila 22

    Attila 225 days ago

    That would be freaking amazing but with Southgate it's obviously gonna be 3-4-3 with Henderson and Sterling starting.

  77. FFCFulham94

    FFCFulham945 days ago

    Anyone slating Southgate doesn't remember watching us under Capello! Gareth is all out attack in comparison

  78. Mungo Half-Brain

    Mungo Half-Brain5 days ago

    Why is it that Gabs idea of turning round to a fullback on the eve of a major tournament and saying to him, "By the way, come the first game, you're our new center half", doesn't feel to me like the bright and inovative wheeze that he seems to think it is?

  79. Q S

    Q S5 days ago

    Don’t want a back 3 But shaw can play in a back 3

  80. Jermaine Wilson

    Jermaine Wilson5 days ago

    Oh I see, they're trying to talk FIFA 21 with real people

  81. James Hunter

    James Hunter5 days ago

    We all know he won't, two DM's, slow build up play, safe

  82. Jermaine Wilson

    Jermaine Wilson5 days ago

    I love how they'd sit here and squabble over the formation that WILL work. Then switch to the next team to discuss the formation that WILL work as well. There can be only one winner of a tournament, but somehow pundits act as thought everyone of them SHOULD win it. Not COULD win it. Jules, you been at this a long time. There's gotta be a better way to discuss your disgust and bias.

  83. John Bull

    John Bull5 days ago

    If he does play Grealish, it will be as a creative outlet rather than building the team around him, which is useless and may as well not play him at all.

  84. Denzo 96

    Denzo 965 days ago

    reece james should start..

  85. MrCampo2222

    MrCampo22225 days ago

    Pickford, Maguire, Stones, Wan Bissaka, Shaw, Rice, Bellingham, Mount, Rashford, Kane, Greenwood.

  86. FFCFulham94

    FFCFulham945 days ago

    No prize for guessing who you support 😂😂😂

  87. Cell Biology Shorts

    Cell Biology Shorts5 days ago

    I like the 4-1-4-1

  88. Murugan PS

    Murugan PS5 days ago

    Rashford Kane mount sancho foden..that would have killed if they had a pirlo to orchestrate some symphony

  89. Michael Heßlinger

    Michael Heßlinger4 days ago

    I know one from Yorkshire ;)

  90. Black Mamba

    Black Mamba5 days ago

    Southgate is a defensive minded manager in charge of a side full of attacking player's ! He'll pick Sterling and Tashford 💯

  91. Kashif Nadeem

    Kashif Nadeem5 days ago

    Trippier wouldnt even be in my top 4 rb 1. Reece James 2. Kyle Walker 3. TAA 4. Wan Bissaka And before you say u dont want La Liga. I have been watching La liga since 03 and watch it more then PL

  92. Jock Odd Sock

    Jock Odd Sock5 days ago

    No one should take a knee for a Marxist organisation that wants to defund the police born out of inherent racism towards white people. Southgate won't get any support from me or countless thousands this summer! And his defensive brand of football will fail us!

  93. Tommy RIX

    Tommy RIX5 days ago

    Under this clown England have no chance. He doesn't even recognise when a player is unfit? He spends most of the time wondering what to say to the media when the fans boo when the idiots in the England shirt take the knee. The sooner he goes the better.

  94. Jimmy Johnson

    Jimmy Johnson5 days ago

    Grealish or shaw not starting???

  95. Roger Davies

    Roger Davies5 days ago

    Did i miss something ? I assume Maguire is fit and available ? No Grealish.......pah !

  96. Saurabh Mamgain

    Saurabh Mamgain5 days ago

    If England can play atleast Bellingham, Grealish, Sancho, Foden amd Mount in any combo for entire 90 mins duration...they will win these championships...but for that Southgate must read my comment and take this piece of advise seriously.

  97. Roger Davies

    Roger Davies5 days ago

    He's probably reading it now


    LOKENATH ROY SC_B_225 days ago

    U knw what's England Suffering form?.......Too many Talent Syndrome....TMTS

  99. Brandon Harker

    Brandon Harker5 days ago

    And CMS = Clueless Manager Syndrome.

  100. jay horsley

    jay horsley5 days ago

    Two idiots talking about a player who is clearly has no place in the England squad ,rashford is rubbish how you can say him and leave sterling or grealish must be crazy ,and sterling plays on both sides no brainer stick foden left ,lane , sterling

  101. Philip Burkinshaw

    Philip Burkinshaw5 days ago

    Gab doesn't seem to have heard that Maguire is injured and is not even training with the team!

  102. Tee Tee

    Tee Tee5 days ago

    Why would you start Foden over Grealish, Rashford, or Sancho?

  103. Tee Tee

    Tee Tee2 days ago

    @Jimmy Johnson Sancho has been really good in second half of the season

  104. FFCFulham94

    FFCFulham945 days ago

    @Jimmy Johnson how has Rashford got any more of a claim to start than Sancho? He's been poor, United/prem bias is mad.

  105. Jimmy Johnson

    Jimmy Johnson5 days ago

    I agree that foden grealish and rashford should start, Sancho should not

  106. jay horsley

    jay horsley5 days ago

    96 when Gareth Southgate knocked us out the world cup , this year he does the same with the euros as a manager , worst manager since sliced bread

  107. Truth Teller

    Truth Teller5 days ago

    BLM is a Marxist organisation! What is difficult to understand about it ?????

  108. Charly Beagrie

    Charly Beagrie5 days ago

    Too busy virtue-signalling and insulting the people who pay his wages because they object to the politicisation of their entertainment.

  109. Thebine123

    Thebine1234 days ago

    @Brandon Harker Ok racist.

  110. Brandon Harker

    Brandon Harker4 days ago

    @Thebine123 Critical Race Theory is racism and that is the ideology which BLM endorses. Educate yourself, ignoramus.

  111. Thebine123

    Thebine1234 days ago

    @Brandon Harker That makes sense. Good.

  112. Brandon Harker

    Brandon Harker5 days ago

    Well said Charly.

  113. Brandon Harker

    Brandon Harker5 days ago

    @Thebine123 Your comment is racist against white people and I've reported it.

  114. Renaldo Matadeen

    Renaldo Matadeen5 days ago

    Maybe he can play 5 RBs lol. Trash backline

  115. Brandon Harker

    Brandon Harker5 days ago

    Worry about your own national team, if you even have one!

  116. Anurag Dandekar

    Anurag Dandekar5 days ago

    Rashford and sterling should not start. Period.

  117. Anurag Dandekar

    Anurag Dandekar5 days ago

    What nonsense.. grealish is one of the first names on the team sheet

  118. Rustee Trombone

    Rustee Trombone5 days ago

    Southgate is the OLE of International managers - prove me wrong

  119. Roche van Dijk

    Roche van Dijk5 days ago

    Said it many times.. southgate is overrated asf


    SHEMAR MOORE5 days ago

    Shaw can ply at the back in a three

  121. Kimi

    Kimi5 days ago

    Luke Shaw plays left of a back 3 very well

  122. David Bilko

    David Bilko5 days ago

    I think he is incapable. Marc Bosnich in the world cup semis said the Croatian players at half time said they were getting stuffed. However, England withdrew from attack in the second half and allowed Modric and Rakitic to run the show.

  123. James Michaels

    James Michaels5 days ago

    Pickford in goal.... England are finished

  124. James Michaels

    James Michaels5 days ago

    His peak was one good season with Middlesbrough

  125. Kushagra Joshi

    Kushagra Joshi5 days ago

    Best Result for England: Runners Up in Euros

  126. dannyboywhaa

    dannyboywhaa5 days ago

    Not sure these guys rate Grealish highly enough - he’s the most dangerous player for me - the opposition defences will be scared of him most of all. They didn’t like sterling did they lol... the best wide players are Foden, Grealish, Sterling and Sancho - probably in that order too!

  127. Darren Redden

    Darren Redden5 days ago

    If southwank had any 🍒 he would play 4-3-3 Rice mount grealish Foden kane rashford Unfortunately he hasn't got any 🍒

  128. Darren Redden

    Darren Redden5 days ago

    @FFCFulham94 indeed clubs get the better managers... National teams get good tactical managers, but not the elites.. problem is Southgate is neither elite nor good. He's abysmal

  129. FFCFulham94

    FFCFulham945 days ago

    @Darren Redden what national team have any of those 3 managed? I'm not arguing there are better managers in Club football, my question is what manager comes in to England? The best don't manage national teams.

  130. Darren Redden

    Darren Redden5 days ago

    @FFCFulham94 Boro are my team.i have supported them for 30 years...we are all trying to forget Southgate!! Bad memories of a garbage manager

  131. Darren Redden

    Darren Redden5 days ago

    @FFCFulham94 I guarantee if klopp.. tuchel..or Pep managed this team in the Euros, they could get to the final. Southplank is a championship level manager at best. He's a Yes man for the FA.. doesn't rock the boat, not heavy maintenance, he's also cheap... He's tactically clueless aswell...he should have been sacked after the world cup

  132. FFCFulham94

    FFCFulham945 days ago

    Belgium are considered one of the favourites and have a manager that got relegated with Wigan and sack by mid table Everton. Holland took a sacked by Everton Koeman now have a sacked by Palace De Boer. Sacked by Middlesborough Southgate fits right in 😅

  133. Tom D

    Tom D5 days ago

    Sancho, Grealish, Foden, Sterling, my nan > Rashford