USMNT’s ‘wild & ugly’ win vs. Mexico a sign of good things to come? |

ESPN FC’s Herculez Gomez explains how the United States’ win vs. Mexico will bode well for their young stars Gio Reyna, Christian Pulisic, and Weston McKennie in the upcoming World Cup qualifying campaign.

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  1. Antonio Medrano

    Antonio Medrano6 days ago

    Us didn’t even play bad though ,

  2. AZ459

    AZ4596 days ago

    “Maybe you should have lost”. What? Take your Mexican bias and fan hat off and give the US the respect they deserve. You wouldn’t of said the same thing to Mexico had they won that maybe they should have lost.

  3. Skring 33

    Skring 336 days ago

    This guy is pissed that Mexico lost

  4. Carlos Anderson

    Carlos Anderson7 days ago

    Imagine if USA actually played well.

  5. Nick D

    Nick D7 days ago

    Great match, win But the weaknesses in the back are a real issue

  6. Davy Anilhaq

    Davy Anilhaq7 days ago

    *ESPN went full Mourinho on this one.*

  7. Tim Salahi

    Tim Salahi7 days ago


  8. cedano80

    cedano807 days ago

    Quit straddling the fence Herc, there's no maybe about this. The better team won.

  9. Eric Tobar

    Eric Tobar7 days ago

    Can they talk about how the US dominated the corners? 🤔🤔

  10. Renaldo Matadeen

    Renaldo Matadeen7 days ago

    concacaf is a waste now

  11. jesse olivas

    jesse olivas7 days ago

    Why, cuz Mexico lost? HAHA

  12. Banealot

    Banealot7 days ago

    Mexico fans are delusional. You can try and intimidate the red white and blue but expect a fight you dirty drunks

  13. D N

    D N7 days ago

    No defense.

  14. Dustin Perez

    Dustin Perez7 days ago


  15. Jack Leó

    Jack Leó7 days ago

    All Mexico have to do is defend better from corners and get a real #9.

  16. Jack Leó

    Jack Leó7 days ago

    @Gralin James Pritchard they can't in general and mckennie takes big advantage in that

  17. Juan Sanchez

    Juan Sanchez7 days ago

    Fax bro. As soon as Chaka gave away that corner, I knew they were gonna score smh

  18. eric ramirez

    eric ramirez7 days ago

    1st half for Mexico 2nd half usmnt don't know which were you Hercules

  19. DRAGOIV 80

    DRAGOIV 807 days ago

    Stats don't lie ,watch the game again,mexico dominated , u.s won on 2 set pieces and a pk that was given to them by bad referring . so herc is right weather you like it or not .

  20. André Carvalho

    André Carvalho7 days ago

    Lmao salt!!!!!! You guys were so much more dirty

  21. Scott Jones

    Scott Jones7 days ago

    I like that. Finals are to be won not played.

  22. Dustin Perez

    Dustin Perez7 days ago


  23. SuperRealityChek

    SuperRealityChek7 days ago

    Should have lost?? Why? Mexico played good but couldn’t finish it. The only thing that was ugly was the Mexican Fans . Stop sucking up to Mexico

  24. Calvin Hicks

    Calvin Hicks7 days ago

    Great win for the USMNT and hopefully we can build on this 🇺🇸

  25. Dr. Diaz

    Dr. Diaz7 days ago

    It was truly hard to watch. They played horribly and this goes for both teams. Tata martinez should know that Mexico doesnt have the talent to play a false 9 and the us players close their eyes while going forward or is time to finish a play. Headless chickens, specially dest and McKinney

  26. Roberto Moreno

    Roberto Moreno7 days ago

    @Dr. DiazOfc they played bad and the current coach for the U.S is still questionable and I would prefer someone else like Gareca from Peru for example. Plus this was always the U.S’s identity of gritty wins and playing unattractive. U should know this. They still have yet to find a system that fits them.

  27. Dr. Diaz

    Dr. Diaz7 days ago

    @Roberto Moreno no. It is not too soon to judge. Stop pampering grown men. They need to snap out of it. The whole team was terrible, beyomd garbage.

  28. Roberto Moreno

    Roberto Moreno7 days ago

    @Dr. Diaz i mean it’s too soon too judge how the US would do at the wc. Acosta was terrible and Dest is good but kinda a defensive liability. Would be nice to see him play at cm or an actual winger and have Robinson, Reynolds, or cannon play fb behind him. Same thing with Mexico like what if the Funes Mori idea backfires? Lainez was impressive so how does he fit in the starting 11 too? So yea it’s too soon to judge at this point

  29. Dr. Diaz

    Dr. Diaz7 days ago

    @Roberto Moreno mexico did not underestimated u.s set pieces. The u.s players were just better in that regard. The way the u.s played last night will not get them pass the group stage of the world cup.

  30. Roberto Moreno

    Roberto Moreno7 days ago

    @Dr. Diaz if you actually know a lot about the sport then you probably would know that many teams in both club and international level benefit from set pieces like Spain and Portugal. At club level, Man City, Liverpool Bayern, and surprisingly Roma have been dominant in this category. Do you remember la remontada or Roma beating Barca? Mexico just underestimated the U.S’s abilities in set pieces and this sport can be unpredictable too

  31. Erik Green

    Erik Green7 days ago

    Mexico fans are classless animals

  32. Mejicles

    Mejicles7 days ago

    Today the USA won cause they were given a penalty😏

  33. DRAGOIV 80

    DRAGOIV 807 days ago

    @Jhonatan Cortez it wasn't gift corona stole the ball. Pulisic was a gift by the ref there's the difference.

  34. Mejicles

    Mejicles7 days ago

    jesse olivas Y si asi es fue buen juego y el Berhalter esta bien wey lol

  35. jesse olivas

    jesse olivas7 days ago

    @Mejicles es verdad y el Chucky, Tecatito y Lainez dieron problemas, pero asi es el Futbol. Tambien el cuadro que puso el menso de Berhalter tuvo mucho que ver con la posesion de Mexico

  36. Mejicles

    Mejicles7 days ago

    jesse olivas Mexico Tuvo mas posesion control de juego y mas chances a gol USA solo en tiros de eskina fue superior

  37. Mejicles

    Mejicles7 days ago

    jesse olivas El primer espulsado debio a versido yedlin Veda wey y Mexico fue mejor Como siempre pero el penal regalado a usa del arbitro les dio la victoria

  38. Nate S32

    Nate S327 days ago

    I wouldn’t say it was ugly and didn’t play well, we created a ton of chances. The second half we were easily the better team

  39. MickMasterMobby

    MickMasterMobby7 days ago

    Any game between Mexico and USA is ugly, give them their credit and move on. Either way criticism won't affect these players, hopefully we start stringing some wins together

  40. Patrick Browder

    Patrick Browder7 days ago

    If Mexico was slightly better, I don't believe Berhalter's clown car would have survived the first 27 mins. A better team, just about any European team that come to mind for instance, would have fatally punished the sloppy, predictable, slow, disjointed play out of the back and slammed the door on us! I couldn't really blame the mids and forwards for most of the game cuz the service was panicky, atrocious. Why not just send it out occasionally, you've got a 50/50 chance of winning possession and using our athleticism to occasionally put them on the back foot instead of desperately poking it to some guy blanketed in speedy defenders. You've got to take advantage of your advantages. If a slower player like Ream can't occasionally handle more open play, adjust his cover or get him off the field. I know they need more time together for Berhalter's style, but come on. And Acosta? And anyone could have filled in for McKenzie's horror show! This week showed the real lack of our depth at critical positions. Still, beating Mexico is always sweet! Berhalter lives to coach another day.

  41. Danny Hustle

    Danny Hustle7 days ago

    America is arrogant

  42. Thomas

    Thomas7 days ago

    Wins a final after 14 years... “Omg Mexico has been dethroned w o w” stfu gold cup is still on, you guys looked sluggish and were being dominated, cardio is obviously a BIG problem for usmnt players. Let’s see if you can go through a whole tourney ;)

  43. Paul Surinamo

    Paul Surinamo7 days ago

    PULISIC PAPI DE MEXICO. Proud of his son Diego Lianez who scored a goal for the first time.

  44. Jack Leó

    Jack Leó6 days ago

    @Paul Surinamo duh but which goal was better? Lainez by far but obviously pulisics was more important.

  45. Paul Surinamo

    Paul Surinamo7 days ago

    @Jack Leó Diego played well but they both got a goal and Pulisic got the winning goal.

  46. Jack Leó

    Jack Leó7 days ago

    @Paul Surinamo *This match* lainez played much better.

  47. Paul Surinamo

    Paul Surinamo7 days ago

    @Jack Leó Diego scores his first goal and all of the sudden you think he’s good enough to fill the shoes of his father? Doesn’t work like that. Pulisic is his Papi and little Diego has much to learn from him still.

  48. Jack Leó

    Jack Leó7 days ago

    Lainez played better than pulisic in this match.

  49. Andrew

    Andrew7 days ago

    Very true, the team won despite Greg's tactics not because of them. Although, his choice of substitutes was a good one.

  50. Oscar Manosalvas

    Oscar Manosalvas7 days ago

    Played ugly!!!??? Man!!! Shut your mouth!!!!

  51. A H

    A H7 days ago

    2 gol being called back for Mexico changed the game

  52. A H

    A H7 days ago

    Soft penalty given to pulisic, call was overturned USMNT fan here

  53. Chikush Odiz

    Chikush Odiz7 days ago

    Lol the ref shouldn’t of allowed that penalty kick to Mexico that wasn’t even a handball

  54. Gerardo Carrillo

    Gerardo Carrillo7 days ago

    I can accept it when a team defeats you well, but when they do it like that, I can’t. It’s not hating, it’s just a bitter feeling. For me, there’s was no way that was pk on Pulisic. That’s what changed the game.

  55. Justin B

    Justin B7 days ago

    @Gerardo Carrillo never mind the fact Mexico Can't defend a set piece or convert a penalty it was all because of the refs , sure

  56. Gerardo Carrillo

    Gerardo Carrillo7 days ago

    @Justin B it didn’t change the game because it was the last minutes. And yes we had the chance to tie, but it would’ve stayed 2-2 if it wasn’t for that “penalty” and the game would’ve been different

  57. Justin B

    Justin B7 days ago

    No Mexico not converting their penalty chance changed the game . You can debate pulisics penalty but the fact is he buried it and the Mexican player choked on his penalty

  58. Paul Surinamo

    Paul Surinamo7 days ago

    Aaronson instead of Acosta would be been a big improvement in the midfield.

  59. Matthew Goodman

    Matthew Goodman7 days ago

    Ugly, sure. Shouldn’t have won is a totally different thing though. Mexico had 1 give me goal and 1 very lucky deflection hand ball pk. At least we had several people show up big. I mean, McKennie almost beat this team single handedly off free kicks and being dominate in the air. That one performance alone is deserving of the win when you compare us to what Mexico did.

  60. Justin B

    Justin B7 days ago

    McKennie is going to be a nightmare to Mexico for about the next decade . They just cant deal with him in the air

  61. Alexis Reyes

    Alexis Reyes7 days ago

    Usa got lucky with that dive from pulisic Lmao guy pathetic

  62. Warzone

    Warzone7 days ago

    How was that a dive lmao the guy just completed the dream which was the champions league what you on about fam?😂

  63. KBA4life

    KBA4life7 days ago

    Someone is a crybaby. That someone is you

  64. ledgendarygamer Og

    ledgendarygamer Og7 days ago

    Yall not even talking about that penalty that shouldnt even happen if it wasnt a pen it wouldve went to extra time smh

  65. Justin B

    Justin B7 days ago

    What are you talking about the game was already in extra time

  66. nasser samano

    nasser samano7 days ago

    No, we (the fans) are beyond the "a win is a win" mentality. Mexico dominated us %75 of the game. The only way USMNT scored was on set pieces, if it weren't for that, we would be screwed because we rarely came close to Ochoa's net. Zach blocked 2 one on one's and a few line drives! It was the individual talent that saved the game, not the tactics and especially not the coach. Sadly this ugly pathetic victory will only extend Berhalter's position as head coach. I have absolutely no confidence on this man.

  67. DRAGOIV 80

    DRAGOIV 807 days ago

    @Jack Leó don't forget about j.j macias .

  68. Jack Leó

    Jack Leó7 days ago

    @jesse olivas Sadly maybe. The other strikers that are young and good couldnt be in nations leauge cause they are in the u21 and u23 training (Alexis Vega, Santi Muñoz, Luca Dupuy). They will rise

  69. jesse olivas

    jesse olivas7 days ago

    @Jack Leó Raul Jimenez might never be the same, so that doesn't count

  70. Jack Leó

    Jack Leó7 days ago

    Mexico missing Raul Jimenez.

  71. christisn salas

    christisn salas7 days ago

    I predict that Berhalter will get us to world cup 2022 and maybe get out of group stage then be eliminated. Then i predict that he will be replaced by a seasoned experienced coach..hopefully spanish or argentine. The positives are that Greg has been a 9 out of 10 for recruiting. If he fixes the tactics on the field is a different story ..maybe with time...but im doubtful. In the long run though this may be a positive

  72. Joseph Resse

    Joseph Resse7 days ago

    Hercules gomes was trash player I don’t even listen man talk about soccer lol

  73. Wes Smith

    Wes Smith7 days ago

    Say what you will,but these kids gritted out two wins when things seemed like they weren't going their way

  74. Joseph Resse

    Joseph Resse7 days ago

    I don’t even know this dudes name but ik he played for us, this dude sucked idk he is even commenting pulsic did something u never did “win”

  75. Joseph Resse

    Joseph Resse7 days ago

    @Kingbicho Louie your boyfriend?

  76. Kingbicho Louie

    Kingbicho Louie7 days ago

    Hercules gomez

  77. Reap Nation

    Reap Nation7 days ago

    Hold on we not gonna talk about how much of a mess that ref was

  78. Paul Surinamo

    Paul Surinamo7 days ago

    @Joe you can’t blame the ref for the subset of classless Mexican fans throwing things. That’s on them.

  79. Joe

    Joe7 days ago

    One of the most disgraceful refereeing performances I’ve ever seen in my life. And I totally blame him for the fighting and the crowd troubles he totally lost control of the game and made 3 disgraceful decisions (both penalty’s and not sending off Herrera.)

  80. Erick

    Erick7 days ago

    @Paul Surinamo remember the Copa Oro 2015 when they were just handing out pens to mexico just to keep them in the tournament for profit. Concacaf is corrupt and anyone who has seen any tournament hosted by them can see that

  81. Paul Surinamo

    Paul Surinamo7 days ago

    Hector Herrera should have seen a second card multiple times and the penalty awarded to Mexico was not a handball. Yes, the ball hit his hand but his arms were at his side.

  82. douglas perez

    douglas perez7 days ago

    Lol that’s CONCACAF for you

  83. jlb74a

    jlb74a7 days ago

    after the game, when asked "what happened?", mexican players said; "the ball was too round"... :))

  84. Fr3nchT0ast3

    Fr3nchT0ast37 days ago

    Idgaf what you call me but that wasnt a penalty

  85. jesse olivas

    jesse olivas7 days ago

    Yes it was

  86. Brando

    Brando7 days ago

    The stadiums have to start splitting the crowd in half. They do it at Wembley for finals games. We must do this here in the US for US vs Mexico.

  87. Jefferson Garcia

    Jefferson Garcia5 days ago

    Not enough USA fans bro 😂. We were a rare commodity out there. It was like a 100:1 ratio. Mexicans fans were everywhere while we had that one little place behind the gk.

  88. fmbr1192

    fmbr11927 days ago

    @Chudi Harris don't forget the age old, score and sprint straight to the opposing fans, shushing them, then pretending like they are animals for pelting you with cups. I guess all it took was 1 year of empty stadiums to make people forget

  89. Chudi Harris

    Chudi Harris7 days ago

    @Neil Lewis the vocal minority always screw things up for the rest of us. And I'm very aware of what happened at Hillsborough, not disagreeing with your point just to say that mixture of alchohol, excitement and mob mentality brings out the worst in football fans

  90. Neil Lewis

    Neil Lewis7 days ago

    @Chudi Harris not all of them. And treating them like animals ends up with Hillsborough. Take my word for it. Fences are bad.

  91. PhoenixReborn60

    PhoenixReborn607 days ago

    Honestly, it was one of the most entertaining finals I've ever seen, from a goal in the first minute to the injuries, the cards, the managers getting involved, the streakers, the guy from the crowd jumping up onto the pundits platform, the comeback of the US team, the substitute goalkeeper saving the pen at the end, the crowd getting involved and the US players doing the silencing taunts only the end up giving away a penalty, the VAR decisions. Talk about a game that had everything, it was a wild west of game and I loved it personally, more of the same please. It beats watching England play at times in some of these really dull games.

  92. SalsaVerde22

    SalsaVerde227 days ago

    I predict that the USA will be the first country outside of South America to win a Copa America one day

  93. Chudi Harris

    Chudi Harris7 days ago

    @Fr3nchT0ast3 Aww poor baby, as if the refs don't gift Mexico calls on the regular

  94. Chudi Harris

    Chudi Harris7 days ago

    @Paul Surinamo 100%

  95. Paul Surinamo

    Paul Surinamo7 days ago

    @Fr3nchT0ast3 That was a legit foul on Pulisic. The penalty awarded to Mexico (on the other hand) was not a handball. Yes, the ball hit his hand but his arms were at his side.

  96. Antonio Rodriguez

    Antonio Rodriguez7 days ago

    @Fr3nchT0ast3 Herrera should have been sent off.

  97. Fr3nchT0ast3

    Fr3nchT0ast37 days ago

    @Polarisxxman lmao you won with a fake penalty

  98. I A

    I A7 days ago

    Ya, like subbing Gio Reyna off for no, absolutely no perceptible tactical reason, when the team needed him most. Keeping Acosta in and not giving Musah a chance. Yes, tactics is another story.

  99. Pierre Cardenas

    Pierre Cardenas7 days ago

    @Jay Furr Dest should have played right side instead of Yedlin, then Robinson on the left. Dest and Pulisic struggled due to the horrible midfield play of acosta, hard to do anything when your midfield is non existent. All mexico had to do was confine them to the wings, nothing happened through the midfield

  100. Jamie McMahon

    Jamie McMahon7 days ago

    @Justin B Weah and dest weren’t even playing the same position. He changed the formation. Weah should of come in for Sargent first of but if you pull anybody it’s Tim Ream

  101. Jamie McMahon

    Jamie McMahon7 days ago

    @rudy2fat dear wasn’t defending because he was a wing back Take Ream out and move Dest to a back 4 then he will defend Ream is way to old and with no game time as he can’t even start and play for Fulham

  102. Justin B

    Justin B7 days ago

    Weah looked much better when he came on than dest . Weah is much faster and energetic than I remember

  103. rudy2fat

    rudy2fat7 days ago

    The game totally changed when Reyna and even Dest came off the field. I know Dest wasn't defending but you could see the game changed and it was all Mexico in the last 30 mins plus of the game. Pulisic was the only one that was able to attack. Really questionable tactics and yet people defend this guy like he was brilliant last night with his tactics.

  104. Matts

    Matts7 days ago

    I watched the 2nd half and it was really good

  105. Derek Anderson

    Derek Anderson7 days ago

    Super young team with a great, bright future ahead just gutted out a win against a better Mexico team. Say whatever you want about Berhalter, but I'll rock with these guys any day.

  106. Jack Leó

    Jack Leó7 days ago

    @fallenphoenix Hmm interesting México was also missing two CB actually the two best CBs of Liga Mx Cesar Montes (injured) and Johan Vazquez (with olympic sub23) and good young midfielder Cordova who was unfit.

  107. fallenphoenix

    fallenphoenix7 days ago

    @Football Clipz⚽️ They surely were missing Jiménez. Same could be said for the US though. The US was down to their 3rd choice CB in Mckenzie, missing Richards and Long. They also had a questionable unfit Adams at cdm, which is why Acosta started.

  108. Chikush Odiz

    Chikush Odiz7 days ago

    @Rtuve set pieces is a different story bro

  109. Rtuve

    Rtuve7 days ago

    @M. D. I honestly don’t think the Mexican team was better our defense was pretty bad I mean the US kept winning corner kick headers

  110. M. D.

    M. D.7 days ago

    @Certified Banger anyone with eyes would say a better mexico team

  111. Sub if You hate Bryce Hall

    Sub if You hate Bryce Hall7 days ago

    The only thing wrong with this team is Drag Beerfaulter

  112. Ozy Mandias

    Ozy Mandias7 days ago

    If we're being honest, the team won in spite of Berhalter's decisions. Not because of them. Several instances of individual excellence at key moments made the difference.

  113. Chudi Harris

    Chudi Harris7 days ago

    ​@Zakhyran Little McKenzie isn't ready for that stage yet, but Dest is a Barcelona starting 11 and needs to rise to these occasions. Maybe Robinson from Fulham is another option

  114. Zakhyran Little

    Zakhyran Little7 days ago

    He actually turned it around in the second half. But I must admit that CB Mackenzie and the LB need to be in the bench cause they were awful.

  115. Chudi Harris

    Chudi Harris7 days ago

    Lol dude wins a trophy and still not enough for the trolls

  116. Tisa Boba

    Tisa Boba7 days ago

    "Finals are to be won not played" 😅😅 The most Mourinho statement ever.


    HEISENBERG7 days ago

    True though

  118. Mersiha Hadzic

    Mersiha Hadzic7 days ago


  119. Bob Marley

    Bob Marley7 days ago

    That was a lucky win. This team is honestly not convincing. The only decent players on this team are: Gio Reyna, McKennie, and the Dest. American football is still subpar. FIX YOUR YOUTH SYSTEM.

  120. The Taco Kawaii

    The Taco Kawaii7 days ago

    @Gralin James Pritchard You mean the last one where you got smashed and subsequently smashed again 3-0 4 months later? Oh yeah...

  121. Rtuve

    Rtuve7 days ago

    @The Taco Kawaii that doesn’t matter right now because we lost, If Mexico doesn’t start developing there youth like the US is doing then the US will catch up, the Mexican league is extremely greedy giving selling there youth players for 15M while the MLS sells them for 2M, thats why you have more Americans overseas as oppose to Mexican youth

  122. The Taco Kawaii

    The Taco Kawaii7 days ago

    @MICHAEL PHILLIPS Evidently much more than you have. 11 Gold Cups, 1 Confederations Cup, 1 Olympics, 2 U-17 and 1 u-20 world cups. On top of that 2 Copa America Finals, 3 Copa Libertadores Finals, 1 Sudamericana Cup and 1 FIFA Club World Cup final... I won't even name the ConcaCrap "champions league" where Mexican teams constantly smash MLS teams year by year. What have you won aside from this once-in-a-lifetime shitty little trophy of zero significance??


    MICHAEL PHILLIPS7 days ago

    @The Taco Kawaii So on that note what has Mexico actually won then?

  124. The Taco Kawaii

    The Taco Kawaii7 days ago

    @Brando What have you won? Your only achievement and aspiration in your whole football history is to beat the Mexican. That's pretty pathetic. Mexico living rent free in US soccer fan's minds 😂

  125. Tsi Moi

    Tsi Moi7 days ago

    Go Go USA 🇺🇲👏🏆

  126. Honest VARdrid FAN Penaldo Goat Fan Club

    Honest VARdrid FAN Penaldo Goat Fan Club7 days ago

    Usa>pentugal with penaldo

  127. IrvinLopezz

    IrvinLopezz7 days ago

    The only way they can win is with the ref on there side

  128. D.V.

    D.V.7 days ago

    @Gerardo Junior 🇸🇪3-0🇲🇽, B🇦🇷4-0🇲🇽, B🇩🇪4-1🇲🇽, C🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿1-0🇲🇽, 🇨🇱7-0🇲🇽, 🇺🇸2-0🇲🇽, 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿8-0🇲🇽, 🇯🇲1-0🇲🇽, 🇭🇳3-2🇲🇽 🇺🇾4-1🇲🇽 🇧🇾3-2🇲🇽 🇵🇦2-1🇲🇽 🇨🇷2-1🇲🇽 🇵🇪1-0🇲🇽 🇧🇦1-0🇲🇽 🇨🇴2-0🇲🇽 🇪🇨2-1🇲🇽 🇳🇱2-1🇲🇽 🇸🇻2-1🇲🇽 etc. 🤡🖕 Pulisic Champions League and Nations League 🏆🏆 LoserAssno in Europa 💩 and 🇺🇸3-2🇲🇽 😘 🇺🇸4-0🇲🇽, 🇺🇸3-0🇲🇽, 🇺🇸2-0🇲🇽, 🇺🇸 1-0🇲🇽 etc. 🇺🇸2-0🇲🇽 WC 2002

  129. D.V.

    D.V.7 days ago

    @Gerardo Junior Nope

  130. Gerardo Junior

    Gerardo Junior7 days ago

    @LEOMESHI fr, people always gotta find a reason to trash every Mexican for nothing

  131. Gerardo Junior

    Gerardo Junior7 days ago

    @D.V. hill billy


    LEOMESHI7 days ago

    @Gerardo Junior that's what I'm saying...