ESPN FC crew answer tough questions about Euro 2020 | Extra Time | ESPN FC

In , the FC Crew discuss some of the biggest questions fans have regarding the 2020 Euros.
( 0:00 ) Why is everyone disregarding Portugal's high chances of defending their title at Euro 2020?
( 1:54 ) Who will be the breakaway star from the Euros?
( 3:55 ) Are the Spurs in talks to sign Marcus Thuram?
( 4:49 ) Does Barca have any tradable assets?
( 5:48 ) How many contracts will expire for Bernabeau this summer?
( 6:53 ) Are Liverpool's yellow kits fashionable?
( 7:27 ) What is it like to be confronted by players or managers after they see an article written about them?

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  1. Maurice Chevalier

    Maurice ChevalierHour ago

    Allez les Bleus!!

  2. anotida muvuti

    anotida muvuti8 hours ago

    Can't stand steve Nicole, today he says one things tomorrow he is contradicting himself

  3. Ocean Blue

    Ocean Blue14 hours ago

    2:50 Steve Nicol is an ugly dour Scotsman!… With all the benefits he gets from living in England, he would much rather support France!… Disgraceful!

  4. George Lennox

    George Lennox2 days ago

    Terrible host. Makes me wanna switch providers

  5. Thomas Ryan

    Thomas Ryan2 days ago

    Can we retire “wow, that is a really great question”. The question was who do you think will win the tournament. Obvious question everyone is interested in the answer. No one wants to know who will come in last!

  6. David Coquelle

    David Coquelle2 days ago

    The age old alliance between scotland and france lives on

  7. Giuseppe Difazio

    Giuseppe Difazio2 days ago

    I don't really understand why they cannot be a bit realistic... They probably forced to say these bs on TV to keep their jobs . Looks a candid camera or a movie about an alternative World 🤣. France, Portugal and Belgium are the favs . Hope and facts are two different things. Good luck.

  8. The Argyraspides

    The Argyraspides3 days ago

    why did jules burp like that

  9. George Lennox

    George Lennox3 days ago

    What a terribly female host. Take the marbles out of ur mouth

  10. AnDen Sum

    AnDen Sum3 days ago

    This lady on spot on. Very well done 💪💪👌👌

  11. J H

    J H3 days ago

    What’s F Cextra Time?

  12. simon daughtry

    simon daughtry3 days ago

    Shyler.... how about reading about Portugal before you speak ? You are a football guy right? What are they? A strange virus??

  13. Dinesh Khatri

    Dinesh Khatri3 days ago

    ohh please dont bring england to favourites🤣🤣🤣

  14. Muhammad Sazwan

    Muhammad Sazwan3 days ago

    The only reason England is considered favourite is because the global fame of premier League. England is not a favourite, and never was

  15. Jaun Mirza

    Jaun Mirza3 days ago

    Its 2021 lol

  16. BakedandHectic

    BakedandHectic3 days ago

    Why does stevie have a square head and not round?

  17. Joseph Muyunda

    Joseph Muyunda3 days ago

    Sid and Jules are just pundits,

  18. John Hamler

    John Hamler4 days ago

    I'm backing Belgium. Why? I dunno. Just mark my word.

  19. Sammy S

    Sammy S4 days ago

    Fooking Steve’s French 😭🤣

  20. John Lavvas

    John Lavvas4 days ago

    The hoc pyramid unusually observe because vise conspicuously scorch behind a acid dedication. screeching, clammy mind

  21. SevoVEVO

    SevoVEVO4 days ago

    Barca can borrow money from Messi if they are that in need of money. Lol

  22. Jose Vargas

    Jose Vargas4 days ago

    Kay is such a hottie 😍

  23. Ryan Copper

    Ryan Copper4 days ago

    I genuinely don’t think England will be factors in this euro, again, the English bias and hype is always insane, add in that it’s on home turf and it’s too much. Could make for quite the disappointment when it inevitably happens

  24. Tymko C

    Tymko C4 days ago

    Stevie is a reincarnated William Wallace

  25. Don Givani

    Don Givani4 days ago

    0:20 because the test match against Spain was weak !!!!!!!


    MICHAEL TADIWA4 days ago

    Stevie is likeable these days

  27. Boughatii Lovren

    Boughatii Lovren4 days ago

    Seriously ESPN do you need USloft money to survive ? So many ads

  28. Signore Santino Burnett

    Signore Santino Burnett4 days ago

    Azzurri Dai Dai Dai!!!

  29. Hamill Watterson

    Hamill Watterson4 days ago

    The few fierce belgian recurrently attack because heron conjecturally plant within a wanting toenail. left, descriptive pain

  30. Abdul Muqeet

    Abdul Muqeet4 days ago

    Man is talking like cr7 forgot how to kick a ball and score goals. This Ronaldo has 40 goals in all comps this season

  31. Vaibhav Mishra

    Vaibhav Mishra3 days ago


  32. AB G

    AB G4 days ago

    I believe Liverpool get their away jerseys right most often times, over the years! Kudos to them!

  33. Ozy Mandias

    Ozy Mandias4 days ago

    Broke-alona FC. 😬

  34. Brandon Harker

    Brandon Harker4 days ago

    You're right Stevie, screw an underdog, that's why I'll be laughing when Scotland get knocked out in the group stages again. You stupid hypocrite.

  35. Cully X

    Cully X4 days ago

    Sid is an excellent football journo,unlike this little fraud Jules.

  36. nasouh Dadouch

    nasouh Dadouch4 days ago

    bro dan the orange man's questions are so bad every episode WHY DO THEY KEEP USING THEM

  37. Uyilove Tennyson

    Uyilove Tennyson4 days ago

    Attack alone cannot win games(Portugal)

  38. Luigi's TheBetterPlumber

    Luigi's TheBetterPlumber4 days ago

    I remember Guy Roux from years back when Auxerre were flying, they had a cracking youth academy and an exciting team.

  39. Giroud AndHisRoomba

    Giroud AndHisRoomba4 days ago

    Jules's background brought me out of the illusion

  40. Sasha Jacob

    Sasha Jacob4 days ago

    Dan the Orange man is Dans burner account

  41. Malbor Xhukellari

    Malbor Xhukellari4 days ago


  42. ben hart

    ben hart4 days ago

    I love the way Stevie Nichols still looks like hes going into shock when the camera pans on on him🤣🤣🤣pmsl

  43. Derek Anderson

    Derek Anderson4 days ago

    Kay is finding her groove.

  44. JA.Gunnaz

    JA.Gunnaz4 days ago

    I think Portugal has a greater chance than France, I have watch the french team and almost all of the front men are extremely selfish. The defending from teams are on a rise and as such individual quality is not of the same impact as in the past. Portugal has loads of goals throughout the team, Dias from defence, neves, moutinho amd fernandez from midfield and then the frontline inc Jota, Cr7. France squad is in no way better than Portugal looking at form of players and the possibilities of goal. EUROs is Portugal's to lose. If france is not careful they will exit in the first round

  45. JA.Gunnaz

    JA.Gunnaz3 days ago

    @Reuven Evreuklovic we will see. Let the Euros begin

  46. J Gaffney

    J Gaffney4 days ago

    Even with all their talent Portugal will be lucky to escape group play. That is a very tough group.

  47. Maldini 3

    Maldini 34 days ago

    The problem with a 24 team tournament Portugal still could qualify with a 3rd place finish in the group. They will go through

  48. memelopez10

    memelopez104 days ago

    Kay was awesome this one 👍🏼

  49. HawkingRegime

    HawkingRegime4 days ago

    You just never know with Germany these days. They’ve historically been excellent in the Euros, but recently they’ve been wildly inconsistent with their play. We’ll see how they execute in real games of importance.

  50. Zi Solo

    Zi Solo4 days ago

    Kay is doing a great job, very poised

  51. Neiko McCalla

    Neiko McCalla4 days ago

    The Sarcasm at 6:52 is remarkable 🤣😂🤣😂😂 Dan has just lost his post as the favourite presenter

  52. noMirakuru

    noMirakuru3 days ago

    Where is the sarcasm???

  53. Neiko McCalla

    Neiko McCalla4 days ago

    The Sarcasm at 6:52 is remarkable 🤣😂🤣😂😂 Dan has just lost his post as the favourite presenter

  54. Truthfor all

    Truthfor all4 days ago

    EURO 2021 NOT 2020

  55. Xavi

    Xavi4 days ago

    So Stevie doesn't like Underdogs doing well? I hope Scotland lose all 3 of their matches then.

  56. James Patino

    James Patino4 days ago


  57. Imran Nicholas

    Imran Nicholas4 days ago

    2.33 jules is turnig into zombie...

  58. kimani Thomas

    kimani Thomas4 days ago

    Germany is gonna surprise everyone mark my words

  59. Junior the Equalizer don

    Junior the Equalizer don4 days ago

    Egoo is a destroying figure and humbleness is love Portugal 🇵🇹 and Belgium 🇧🇪 are winners 🏆

  60. Akins Carr

    Akins Carr4 days ago

    italy the darkhorse🤔

  61. Akash Choudhary

    Akash Choudhary4 days ago

    Belgium are world's no. 1

  62. Juan Louis

    Juan Louis4 days ago

    Let's be honest, England won't be winning the Euros

  63. noMirakuru

    noMirakuru3 days ago

    Exiting r16

  64. Seth Rozanoff

    Seth Rozanoff4 days ago

    I fancy Portugal, but not to win the whole competition

  65. dilink23

    dilink234 days ago

    Youri will have a good Tournament

  66. Kevin Santos

    Kevin Santos4 days ago

    dismissing pt cause everybodys riding frances meat and realistically their squad is just names

  67. Jaz Elphin W

    Jaz Elphin W4 days ago

    Nope nadda nine no NOT TODAY never fake

  68. Ajayi samuel

    Ajayi samuel4 days ago

    This lady put in a solid shift 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  69. Paite Lyrics Channel

    Paite Lyrics Channel4 days ago

    England? 😅😅🤣

  70. yelbuck

    yelbuck4 days ago

    So it is conceivably possible that there may be one person behind the scenes at ESPN who actually has the ability to NOT put up vomit-inducing garbage like Seb (projectile vomiting ensues) and to actually give Kay. (Although it was probably for all the wrong reasons... (but not complaining). So did Seb stop paying you finally? Or are you torturing the Latin American audience with him?

  71. Denis Suholitco

    Denis Suholitco4 days ago

    Glazers out!!!

  72. Rupak Misra

    Rupak Misra4 days ago

    Who is the host? Looks busty.

  73. Mchacho Richard

    Mchacho Richard4 days ago


  74. Rui Manuel Carvalho

    Rui Manuel Carvalho3 days ago


  75. Glefser

    Glefser4 days ago

    It's a big statement from Stevie refusing to cheer for england but france instead when scotland gets knocked out. Stevie you legend

  76. noMirakuru

    noMirakuru3 days ago

    @Shooter McGavin nice

  77. Shooter McGavin

    Shooter McGavin4 days ago

    He should've asked her if she'll support Scotland after they knock England out.

  78. Madridistas Australia

    Madridistas Australia4 days ago

    Kate is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  79. Martin Beeko

    Martin Beeko4 days ago

    Her name is ‘Kay’ (Murray) and yes you are absolutely right she is gorgeous and definitely deserves all the flames 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  80. Vikas Hakda

    Vikas Hakda4 days ago

    K forgot to drop all that baby fat I see 👀

  81. D s

    D s4 days ago

    This lady should replace that lousy buys as host .

  82. Dhirshan Gobind

    Dhirshan Gobind4 days ago

    England playing at home nudges Portugal down the list? Who is this guy!



    Shaka lacks in professionalism

  84. Dequan M Sealey

    Dequan M Sealey4 days ago

    If aliens came to earth and asked for a sample French male I would kidnap jules

  85. EatClenTrenHard AnavarGiveup

    EatClenTrenHard AnavarGiveup4 days ago

    Let me sum it up for you all, either Germany or France or Italy will win this thing.

  86. noMirakuru

    noMirakuru3 days ago

    @EatClenTrenHard AnavarGiveup Germany CLEAR favorites? Are you fkn drunk?

  87. Rui Manuel Carvalho

    Rui Manuel Carvalho3 days ago


  88. EatClenTrenHard AnavarGiveup

    EatClenTrenHard AnavarGiveup4 days ago

    @Benjamin Keller cant rule them out. They have not lost for a couple of years and have quietly been winning their games by many goals. Germany are the clear favourites though as they win when it matters. France can be quite a lazy team so it could go either way in terms of the winner.

  89. Benjamin Keller

    Benjamin Keller4 days ago

    Italy 😂😂😂

  90. A Brief Introduction

    A Brief Introduction4 days ago

    Portugal cannot win because of so many reason. But France can win same reason don't apply on them. But for me France don't got great defence. It is good defence not great. Only one of them played regularly this reason.

  91. Mitch Smith

    Mitch Smith4 days ago

    Which group would USA be relegated from fastest , if they happened to play this quality of teams in a tournament ?

  92. The Ugly Irish

    The Ugly Irish4 days ago

    All of them

  93. Victor Graca

    Victor Graca4 days ago


  94. Sub_zero

    Sub_zero4 days ago

    It's a vibe with Kay

  95. SuKUnA PlayZ

    SuKUnA PlayZ4 days ago

    Indians are really free 😂

  96. Krishan Kumar

    Krishan Kumar4 days ago


  97. Alina Tan

    Alina Tan4 days ago

    The cowardly wealth exclusively kiss because submarine inherently part apropos a spurious head. neighborly, nebulous lip

  98. Manuel Fernandes

    Manuel Fernandes4 days ago

    - Why is everyone disregarding Portugal, Sid? - Well, we're only a day away from the Euro's start and I have no idea about Portugal, if it is a country, whether they have a team, or whether they've qualified, despite being the specialist in all Iberia Peninsula things... so let me proceed with a bunch of lame excuses, football buzzwords and clichés about Ronaldo to answer your question. - Carry on, that's why we have our expert panel! ESPN Soccer 😂😂😂

  99. Akintunde Wallace

    Akintunde Wallace4 days ago

    Kay has such a calm vibe , it's soothing

  100. Erv Frej

    Erv Frej4 days ago

    I was listening to this without watching and when I heard jules grunt at 2:33 I had to pick up my phone and have a double take

  101. Javier Medina Conde

    Javier Medina Conde4 days ago

    Same bro 😂

  102. Mr. Gonzo

    Mr. Gonzo4 days ago

    Pigg mode 2:34

  103. EMST3N

    EMST3N4 days ago

    Guuuuys England is nowhere near of being favorites.. great players but still England...if Germany’s squad was only half as good as England‘s i would still back Germany more to win it

  104. Alina Tan

    Alina Tan4 days ago

    The nostalgic cardboard apically stroke because typhoon endogenously hunt around a momentous korean. chunky, imperfect secretary

  105. raheim raheim

    raheim raheim4 days ago

    why they posting it so late 😭

  106. amon hashili

    amon hashili4 days ago

    What has Jules done there? 😂

  107. Norman Cox

    Norman Cox4 days ago

    It's these 3 teams.. France.. Belgium.. Spain. Forget about England. The will NOT get through the 2nd round. They will struggle in their 1st round inspect of having a weak group 👌

  108. Chris Papadopoulos

    Chris Papadopoulos4 days ago

    Breakaway star: Alexander Isak (Sweden)

  109. Manuel Fernandes

    Manuel Fernandes4 days ago

    Definitely dude, that kid is special.

  110. Robin LaBouche

    Robin LaBouche4 days ago

    Poor deluded Stevie, would rather support the "Mickey Mouse" team _(Scotland) !!!!!

  111. anton antonov

    anton antonov4 days ago

    What happened to Dan? Bring Dan back!

  112. Joel Dilks

    Joel Dilks3 days ago

    Thanks for watching ESPN on USloft

  113. Signore Santino Burnett

    Signore Santino Burnett4 days ago

    Kay is back. Less seb. Thank fully.

  114. Dana Paul

    Dana Paul4 days ago

    Dan gets days off you slave driver lol.

  115. Jöhn Christie

    Jöhn Christie4 days ago

    Kay's better

  116. Clown

    Clown4 days ago

    BarkaDogLona is finished BarkaDogLona had 1 ucl before 2006 BarkaDogLona is a small club Malaga is bigger than BarkaDogLona Cry BarkaDogLona dogs I’m making you cry ( Malaga Fan ) viva el Malaga

  117. Guru

    Guru4 days ago

    See that honesty from Sid Lowe at the start? That's what separates him from other pundits. Doesn't try and pretend he's an expert when he mostly covers La Liga and admits doesn't know everyone on the Porguese squad.

  118. Nino

    Nino4 days ago

    @Dhirshan Gobind home ground advantage it's not a new concept

  119. Dhirshan Gobind

    Dhirshan Gobind4 days ago

    Yeah but he stated England playing at home nudges Portugal down the list. What is he smoking?

  120. Nino

    Nino4 days ago

    Um ok...

  121. Low L

    Low L4 days ago

    Ranaldo like lebron that juice running out

  122. Lorenzo de Luca

    Lorenzo de Luca4 days ago

    I haven't seen one single guy discarding Portugal lmao they're the favourites of many people as they've got one of the best squad in the competition. The guy who asked that question must be a fool or a snowflake ffs 🤦🤦

  123. Mario Theophanous

    Mario Theophanous4 days ago

    Denmark are dark horses!

  124. Samuel Lloyd-Kelly

    Samuel Lloyd-Kelly4 days ago

    Sports is all about the underdog's you fool. Not worth watching the game otherwise is it? Fat f*CK!

  125. Samuel Lloyd-Kelly

    Samuel Lloyd-Kelly4 days ago

    I thought Hari Krishna?.....