PSG transfer talk: Why Barcelona and Real Madrid can't match the spending spree in Paris | ESPN FC

Julien Laurens, Alejandro Moreno, Steve Nicol and Jan Aage Fjortoft join Kay Murray on ESPN FC to discuss the latest on Paris Saint-Germain's efforts to load up during the summer transfer window with several big-money signings to team up with the likes of Neymar and Kylian Mbappe.

0:00 PSG lining up moves for Georginio Wijnaldum, Gianluigi Donnarumma and Achraf Hakimi while making it clear the club expects Mbappe to stay.
2:15 Is power in the transfer market shifting away from Real Madrid and Barcelona toward PSG?
3:33 Nicol finds it funny Real Madrid would be upset about PSG spending big on the market after the Galacticos era.
4:30 Fjortoft says there's no chance Barca or Real Madrid can afford Erling Haaland, at least this summer.
6:10 Where will Haaland end up? Will he leave Borussia Dortmund this summer?

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  1. PlainBagel

    PlainBagel3 hours ago

    PSG= Payer sans gain

  2. marcius rodriguez

    marcius rodriguez5 hours ago

    I hate that ESPN FC does this every time. They see one event occur, like PSG’s spending spree mixed with giant clubs not having the money due to COVID, and suddenly they act like it’s a trend or the status quo. It’s one offseason, I know you’re trying to create drama, but let’s not make everything about click bait. Barca and Madrid are down for now, but football is all about cycles. PSG always spend and never win (French domestic cups don’t count).

  3. Daniel Tang

    Daniel Tang22 hours ago

    After all that money spent luring players in, still can’t win the UCL and fail to retain the trophy in a farmers league. That statement by the PSG’s president just shows how little he understands football. I don’t think players who put money above their dreams are very ambitious.

  4. Daniel Tang

    Daniel Tang22 hours ago

    That “expert” who said Real Madrid did not manage themselves very well financially should be banned from ESPN because he is just biased and a hater. Real is one of the only two clubs that made profit during the pandemic whereas PSG just ask for money from billionaires like a spoiled child. 🤣

  5. Sponge Bob

    Sponge BobDay ago

    PSG is like that one douchy rich kid who is dumb enough to flex his parent's money in front of others and still end up flopping everytime😂

  6. Youtube Youtube

    Youtube YoutubeDay ago

    Because FFP seems implemented in a partial manner

  7. Bentley

    BentleyDay ago

    PSG, easy league, plenty money, you play in Paris what else could a a player want?

  8. Stefano D'Incecco

    Stefano D'InceccoDay ago

    The saddest part of football the richest club buy them all 😑 after the Spanish empire with Barcelona and Real Madrid, came England with Liverpool, Man City and Chelsea. And now France (Arab capitals) with Psg. The richest the strongest. The anti sport

  9. Shane W

    Shane WDay ago

    Financial fair play baby

  10. Wardy Hard

    Wardy Hard3 days ago

    I don't enjoy Ligue 1 though.

  11. JOS

    JOS3 days ago

    PSG is funded by oil merchants in Qatar. They have unlimited resources.

  12. Varun Bisht

    Varun Bisht3 days ago

    RMA and FCB were on high horse because of cr7 and lm10 ...Now they fucked and I honestly am lovin it .

  13. Lvg Philosophy

    Lvg Philosophy3 days ago

    No they weren't. They were on a high because of UEFA, uefalona uefadrid 😂 Both clubs fans know this it's why you both called yourselves this.

  14. RK Kiranjit

    RK Kiranjit3 days ago

    Don't say the state! Don't be jealous! Be neutral! Do you guys have proof? If not don't accuse some club or others! Also FFP is the judge not the paid media!! Peace!

  15. Suliman

    Suliman3 days ago

    And they still cant when the champions league 😂😂😂

  16. Farman Ahmed

    Farman Ahmed3 days ago

    PSG is the new Juventus

  17. kunal kabra

    kunal kabra3 days ago

    If we keep aside money hypothetically for a moment players will prefer clubs with history & not fake fans

  18. Lvg Philosophy

    Lvg Philosophy3 days ago

    Time does not stay still, people change, opinions change, when PSG & Man City start winning Champions League's more regularly along with dominating their domestic competitions then the future generations will see them as a great destination not to mention Barca have the highest wage bill in football in the world, so players joining Barca for their history only is clearly nonsense.

  19. Agom Chibuzor

    Agom Chibuzor3 days ago

    Psg just buying players anyhow soon they will start complaining about playing time

  20. Epie Clinton

    Epie Clinton3 days ago

    Oil money

  21. Greatgoku4

    Greatgoku44 days ago

    Alejandro you are so annoying with your stupid way of talking and your basic overused narratives.

  22. Kurt Wagner

    Kurt Wagner4 days ago

    Financial Fair play at it’s finest

  23. Mister Logik

    Mister Logik4 days ago

    This supposedly knowledgeable guy who says Mbappe will never leave PSG and no club can compare with PSG is living in a fantasy world. PSG has NEVER won the Champions league and this year they even failed to win the domestic league You need to wake up ................ FAST

  24. Mandeep singh

    Mandeep singh4 days ago

    How many players has ever said that they want to play for PSG and how many for real and Barca..

  25. To See

    To See4 days ago

    If you're a young talent, don't go to PSG. If you're an old talent at the end of your career or you can't improve any better, go to PSG. Rule of thumb.

  26. amwoga likhanga

    amwoga likhanga4 days ago

    Laliga should try to market their league as EPL

  27. Lord Fatal

    Lord Fatal4 days ago

    How about in terms of winning lol psg is a loser club

  28. Julio Nunez

    Julio Nunez4 days ago

    Stevie. Shut up. Real Madrid and Barcelona are owned by fans. It’s not the same.

  29. user name

    user name4 days ago

    Let’s not forget Barca spent more money than PSG in the last 5 seasons. PSG Know how to do business (Jordan, kits, loans & free transfers) lowered players wages. They e been also progressing in the UCL.

  30. break out the red panties

    break out the red panties4 days ago

    I would let Mbappe go n build a real championship squad. PSG knows how to sell but not how to win.

  31. mui ke

    mui ke4 days ago

    Great players will always want Real Madrid and Barcelona. PSG is just a better option than China, Qatar and USA! Great Players after 30 will move there to earn money before retiring!

  32. mui ke

    mui ke4 days ago

    You brought PSG's puppy to talk about PSG's transfer ?!wth!☹️

  33. E Aleman

    E Aleman4 days ago

    These so call “pundits” of ESPN are a joke. Not good enough. What do they really bring to the table. Just get comments from fans …they will be as good as whatever blah blah comes out of ESPN Commentators…

  34. Fuseini Sulemana

    Fuseini Sulemana4 days ago

    There can buy the whole world player's PSG can't never win a champions league

  35. no name

    no name4 days ago

    Overpaid Wijnaldum and overpaid Donnaruma congrats psg 😂

  36. dont spyonme

    dont spyonme4 days ago

    so they are saying its okay for a state sponsored team to ruin football but not group of teams that want to make more money and ruin football huh

  37. Cruzzy Jocker

    Cruzzy Jocker4 days ago

    Teams like PSG and Man City make me support Super League

  38. Cruzzy Jocker

    Cruzzy Jocker4 days ago

    Teams like PSG and Man City make me support Super League

  39. Vamshi Origanti

    Vamshi Origanti4 days ago

    I don't find uefa anywhere Crying..but if other clubs try to earn money through their own ways ..then they start crying and dumb fans shout at club..

  40. McTapoutos

    McTapoutos4 days ago

    PSG AMBITIONS? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  41. Azor Ahai

    Azor Ahai4 days ago

    Psg They didn't "steal" from barca more like "saved" them from q old player

  42. Mark Tabone

    Mark Tabone4 days ago

    beacuse eufa and fairplay is a joke and psg can do whatever they want!!

  43. Henry Gomez

    Henry Gomez4 days ago

    The equable bench spindly rob because bee physiologically object aboard a useless party. chubby, obtainable toad

  44. Tberg81

    Tberg814 days ago

    Ofc if it is about money the PSG president is right, but if any of these so called world class players would want to play at the very top, how can they play in France with a straight face? The league is to weak, it is a BORING league.

  45. Ali Sayed neameh

    Ali Sayed neameh4 days ago

    I feel sorry for PSG players ..they will never win the UCL . And they are stuck there ...hahahaha

  46. Tim Brakefield

    Tim Brakefield4 days ago

    Barca and Madrid were getting hate for being the richest clubs. At least they got rich by playing well, earning sponsorships, and having massive fanbases. Now the richest clubs are sponsored by the mega wealthy and not their fanbase and we act like its no big deal... I don't get it. Which is worse?

  47. Vikram Rawat

    Vikram Rawat4 days ago

    I just like when he goes full Spanish when he says "Barcelona" and "Real Madrid".

  48. Aamir Bangash

    Aamir Bangash4 days ago

    Psg taking the revenge of 6-1 😂

  49. Pave

    Pave4 days ago

    Lol...heard Depay might go to juve instead of barca...barca the next arsenal🤣🤣🤣

  50. JeanLucPicard

    JeanLucPicard4 days ago

    These “pundits” need to stop comparing billionaire owner money to business revenue. When Madrid or Barca do it their business value justifies it. Not PSG or Man City or Chelsea.

  51. Bill Mwika

    Bill Mwika4 days ago

    Facts it's a business at the end of the day and money talks

  52. michel brillaud

    michel brillaud4 days ago

    Spanish clubs are beaten at their own game ! So delicious ...

  53. Dhruv Jha

    Dhruv Jha4 days ago

    Even if they buy more players they won't win UCL.

  54. hasin ashraf

    hasin ashraf4 days ago

    Oil money?

  55. Artel

    Artel4 days ago

    Erling H is Ligue 1 or Premiere League bound

  56. Diaz Castro

    Diaz Castro5 days ago

    PSG is not the first club to buy playesr .United and all the other big clubs have always done it . why does it bother every person if psg does it

  57. Josh

    Josh5 days ago

    Glad he’s going to psg. Barca got rid of older players. Just to sign older players the next window

  58. Dejan Mac

    Dejan Mac5 days ago


  59. J V

    J V5 days ago

    FFP should be all over that shambles of a club. Tuchel and Emery winning European titles after they were both sacked lol.

  60. Juan Gonzalez

    Juan Gonzalez5 days ago

    Why is ESPN so obsessed with shitting on Spanish clubs, Madrid and Barça specifically, hahaha is like they’ve been waiting their whole life to release their anger and frustration on them. ESPN circus 🤡

  61. Juan Gonzalez

    Juan Gonzalez5 days ago

    Are we really saying that paying 8 million a year to Wijnaldum is a good deal…wow anyway PSG are spending money that the club don’t generate, therefore spending “borrowed” money from their oil rich owners…how’s is this not a breach of FFP, well UEFA simply looks the other way. Yes Madrid had Galácticos but did so by using money the club generated and not by injecting cash from royal families in the Middle East. Madrid didn’t want Donnaruma or Wijnaldum or any other player PSG wants…and the fact that Mbappe hasn’t sign a new contract despite the ridiculous offers he got from PSG, doesn’t look good for them

  62. Juan Torregrosa P.

    Juan Torregrosa P.5 days ago

    Alaba has chosen Real Madrid, not psg. And Mbappe is fighting to come to Real Madrid. Prestige still matters

  63. Green Lion

    Green Lion5 days ago

    The big clubs like Madrid, Barca, ManU will just get younger and focus on development for a year or two. They can reset their books and let bad contracts expire. Not a big deal

  64. serialkilla23

    serialkilla235 days ago

    Arab prison fc

  65. Andrew Bobb

    Andrew Bobb5 days ago


  66. Vikram Singh

    Vikram Singh5 days ago

    Is everyone going to pretend Chelsea hasn’t Been doing the exact same thing?

  67. Manas Kulkarni

    Manas Kulkarni5 days ago

    Chelsea doesn't go out to just buy the next flashy talent. They also sign the likes of Kante, Jorginho, Giroud, plus have academy players like Mount, James. Cant win the European cup with just Neymar and Mbappe. With a non-existent midfield, you will get bullied in Europe.

  68. Chiggsy

    Chiggsy5 days ago

    Yes they are.

  69. mohagh9797

    mohagh97975 days ago

    Ali is in espn just to pronounce things in a Spanish accent and pretend to understand what happens in football today

  70. Sporting Director

    Sporting Director5 days ago

    Barcelona is in debt

  71. Will Hull

    Will Hull5 days ago

    Dortmund won't sell haaland this summer not unless they get a huge offer as they are already selling sancho for 80 million so won't want to lose there main stars all in one go.

  72. SoSois Here

    SoSois Here5 days ago

    These pundits woke up and sipped on dumb juice today😂

  73. 231jopancho

    231jopancho5 days ago

    Psg going for big names in the transfer market, spending over a billion 1€ in almost a decade and somehow they will still fall short of champions league glory.

  74. Daniel N

    Daniel N5 days ago

    Why would PSG give in to Raiola and his guy? More trouble than it’s worth.

  75. Jack Johnson

    Jack Johnson5 days ago

    They still can't win nothing with buying big names other than league one

  76. nellai kumar

    nellai kumar5 days ago

    Real madrid have no money??? What a joke of punnditz

  77. MikeyLFC4LIFE

    MikeyLFC4LIFE5 days ago

    Stevie right Barcelona and Real Madrid have done it for year's now all sudden they think it's wrong because not going there way😂🤣

  78. Kareem C

    Kareem C5 days ago

    Lmao imagine giving over 12 million dollars a year to donnaruma and wijnaldum.

  79. Mohamad Yousef

    Mohamad Yousef5 days ago

    Best qoute was. Football for the poor 😂😂😂

  80. Focused All Day

    Focused All Day5 days ago

    That’s the attitude that Juve need to bring in quality players around Ronaldo.

  81. Majed Alawami

    Majed Alawami5 days ago

    This financial fair play is obviously useless

  82. Abtin K

    Abtin K5 days ago

    FFP my a$$ , UEFA is a joke.

  83. Hypnotized

    Hypnotized5 days ago

    Cause arab money

  84. CSR

    CSR5 days ago

    Bartomeu Really F**ked Barca Over In Terms Of Financial Decisions 😒

  85. Ryan Riley

    Ryan Riley5 days ago

    🤣😂🤣😂they small club it a farmers league

  86. Ami Ndoye

    Ami Ndoye5 days ago

    Nasser said that Mbappé has everything he needs in PSG?? What about European trophees?? I mean is he realistic???. I'm a liverpool fan but Wignaldum to Paris I was definitely not expecting that. It is a waste a time

  87. Lawrence Micheal

    Lawrence Micheal5 days ago

    What does it matter?!?! PSG has LITERALLY tried buying the Champions league for the past 5 years and they just can’t do it. It’s time to rethink their club policies.

  88. aaron wright

    aaron wright5 days ago

    They going to a true farmers league and a team with no real identity. They just mix up and blend up, and still haven’t won a champions league 💀😭

  89. Allen Octave

    Allen Octave5 days ago

    PSG are just buying players from football flea market. They can buy all they want but they will not progress much in terms of football because they have not sporting project rather they crowding their roster and doesnt march the manager's vision.

  90. Lavish Ramchandani

    Lavish Ramchandani5 days ago

    Laugh all you want right now. We'll see who comes out on the top eventually. You know what money can't buy?... That winning DNA which we have. They are paying the players so much, there'll come a point psg will become a club to earn money and have fun for players.

  91. Hayyuu Ali

    Hayyuu Ali5 days ago

    What on earth is PSG doing? No keeper is worth that type of salary. Furthermore, why do they keep buying average, older players, especially in the midfield, for over the top money and/or wages? Herrera, Guye, Icardi and now Wijnaldum.

  92. Alvin

    Alvin5 days ago

    ez profit on Hakimi for Inter

  93. Carlos O

    Carlos O5 days ago

    Everything he needs in Paris? Lol yeah that's true but he has ambitions to play with a big team not be in PSG forever the player will leave when he's ready I see him leaving in a year or 2

  94. Carlos O

    Carlos O5 days ago

    Simple PSG got that oil money & we'll Madrid don't

  95. Shafi Ahmed

    Shafi Ahmed5 days ago

    Nasser al-khalif sounding like a true dictator

  96. R4Y Foong

    R4Y Foong5 days ago

    What ambition did PSG have ? The farmer league title and cup ? Let's be honest and not kid ourselves. PSG is never the contender to win the the Champions league.

  97. A

    A5 days ago

    More reasons to not like PSG. This arrogance from the club, the players and the president is costing them cultural and fan support. Good luck being irrelevant millionaires for the next decade.

  98. pedro regalado

    pedro regalado5 days ago

    How do they manage to spend so much money with financial fair play?

  99. Sudip Bhaumik

    Sudip Bhaumik5 days ago

    Who is the presenter?so beautiful

  100. Sudip Bhaumik

    Sudip Bhaumik5 days ago

    @Alvin Is she a us national

  101. Alvin

    Alvin5 days ago

    Kay Murray its right there in the video desc.

  102. Saumil Pradhan

    Saumil Pradhan5 days ago

    Football as we know it is killed by these foreign investors especially from Middle East. Mancity and PSG do not deserve to be winning anything as they do not level the playing field

  103. Saumil Pradhan

    Saumil Pradhan4 days ago

    @Diaz Castro Well, you wouldn't have been supporters of either club had they been in mid table. Very few outsiders support the team because of local alliance.

  104. Diaz Castro

    Diaz Castro4 days ago

    @Saumil Pradhan stupid man thinking he is smart . What do you know about being a supporter

  105. Saumil Pradhan

    Saumil Pradhan4 days ago

    @Diaz Castro and I would shut you up from shutting me up. Just shows I have hit a nerve with fans who support these plastic sold out clubs

  106. Diaz Castro

    Diaz Castro4 days ago

    @Saumil Pradhan if you cant stop psg from buying its players its best you shut up

  107. Saumil Pradhan

    Saumil Pradhan5 days ago

    @Manas Kulkarni Bayern, Manchester united, Liverpool, Arsenal to some extent were on the footballing map due to legacies they built over the years. PSG, Chelsea, Mancity are only there because some rich dude decided to through the money in. for e.g where would mancity be had it not been for the guys from etihad.

  108. marinerphil xavi

    marinerphil xavi5 days ago

    But Gini isn't a priority for Barcelona. They just went for him because he is free and Koeman fancies him.

  109. Matt Davis

    Matt Davis4 days ago

    Would've been good tho n they are probably annoyed.

  110. Hari Prasad

    Hari Prasad5 days ago

    Oil buys trophies. Manchester city and now PSG, here we go

  111. gaurav Tailor

    gaurav Tailor5 days ago

    PSG should not let k. navas go becoz wherever he had been, he was faithful... That's what's the problem with everyone... See what happened to Chelsea when they let cech go( who was and is their most loyal part of club) for the courtois(who was by the way young) who was traitor ... Always go for loyalty and then talents ... Fruits are always sweet after that ... Donnaroma is big no, unless you want to ruin the club with traitor and be in position of Chelsea was with kepa ...

  112. bynahelemaal

    bynahelemaal5 days ago

    Bc bartomeu waisted half a billion on coutinho and griezmann (dembele?!) and gave has beens like pique, roberto, busquets alba, suarez, rakitic way too high of a wage and extension contracts instead of saying goodbye to half the squad in 2017 and start the rebuild!

  113. Shado2

    Shado25 days ago

    We cant complain about anything PSG do? So Barcelona and Real Madrid have wealthy sheiks as owners who splash cash into the club? No, we rely on the income we make. So yeah, we can complain!