Netherlands doomed at

Julien Laurens joins ESPN FC and doesn’t mince words in regards to Frank de Boer’s tactics with the Dutch. Is the Netherlands doomed at Euro 2020?

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  1. Mark Lenyk

    Mark LenykDay ago

    I think the camera is too far away can you zoom in a bit more?

  2. Samuel Mason

    Samuel MasonDay ago

    Didn't Louis Van Gaal use back 3, back 5 formations in WC 2014 ? Wijnaldum, Depay, De Vrij, Veltman and others have played in a system like this idk why when it's De Boer everyone suddenly throw every insult imaginable. Yes his managing his questionable and 4-3-3 might be the best formation but we should just see what will happen on the pitch because it can go both ways, Success or failure

  3. R G

    R G4 days ago

    They will either fail dramatically or succeed bigly. Cuz this current situation is very unusual.

  4. Machiel de Groot

    Machiel de Groot5 days ago

    England and we Dutch have a lot in common this summer. Great squad but no chance.

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    Gary Moreton5 days ago

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  11. kartik kantheti

    kartik kantheti5 days ago

    Jules hates dutch teams and people especially the Barcelona manager who has ostracized his favorite player in Griezmann

  12. noMirakuru

    noMirakuru3 days ago

    How did koeman "ostracize" griezzman what are you talking about

  13. Nino

    Nino4 days ago

    If that's the reason he should love koeman because he actually found greizmann a place alongside messi

  14. ANi

    ANi5 days ago

    I want them to do good just for these mugs faces

  15. JJ Samuel Gunn

    JJ Samuel Gunn5 days ago

    I look forward to Netherlands v England. Let's see if the talk holds up

  16. Emanuel Bushra

    Emanuel Bushra4 days ago

    Round 16 🤞🏼let's hope!

  17. Vincent KC

    Vincent KC5 days ago

    Debor, koeman, vangaal,... why Dutch are stubborn?

  18. ドリューローズゴールド

    ドリューローズゴールド2 days ago

    @R G L

  19. Robert de Boer

    Robert de Boer2 days ago

    @R G I call BS on that one lol

  20. noMirakuru

    noMirakuru3 days ago

    @Brandon Harker yeah everybody knows that spelling and grammar in youtube comments equal good education you really shows him

  21. Brandon Harker

    Brandon Harker4 days ago

    @R G Wow, the same person who said this: "Looks like you aren't particularly educated :D" And this: "Nah. quite clearly you are poorly educated, feller." (sic) Really said this? "And the fact that you immediately claim that you are better educated than some other guy whose background isn't known to you exposes lack of sufficient critical thinking, too." You don't know my background, yet you cast aspersions over my intelligence first, therefore you are a very laughable hypocrite with no self-awareness. Plus you spelled 'fella' wrong, so you're obviously not as smart as you think you are. You're also the person who generalized against a whole nation of people, claiming them a stubborn people despite the liberal and 'progressive' society they have in the Netherlands. You're an ignorant muppet.

  22. R G

    R G4 days ago

    @Brandon Harker nah. quite clearly you are poorly educated, feller. And the fact that you immediately claim that you are better educated than some other guy whose background isn't known to you exposes lack of sufficient critical thinking, too.

  23. Arsenal Gunner

    Arsenal Gunner5 days ago

    Netherlands will surprise everyone like they did in 2014

  24. A7ksr 23

    A7ksr 234 days ago

    No with de boer as coach they won’t do anything maybe if somehow koeman returns to the national team then they have a Chance

  25. Waiki Wang

    Waiki Wang5 days ago

    Just mind your own biz and comment about your own countries team. Dutch are not in great form but they might surprise you this tournament. Won’t be beautiful but results matter.

  26. Fingers

    Fingers5 days ago

    dont you love when people that had no succes whatsoever in managing and even in their tv carriers have been proven wrong on most ocasions, multiple times, they still run their mouths like a bunch of amatours in footbal and punditry not judging and analyzing results, but their own makeship based opinions, Espn looks like a true american/english tv entertainment program that is not to be taken serious by any means.

  27. Brandon Harker

    Brandon Harker5 days ago

    What is American/English? ESPN is owned by Disney, it is American, nothing to do with England. You show your own ugly prejudices, biases and IGNORANCE when you speak. You come across as quite racist to be honest with you.

  28. BigBoiBleu

    BigBoiBleu5 days ago

    de Boer is an idiot. But nowhere near as bad at the people who hired him

  29. Dildar Alikhel

    Dildar Alikhel5 days ago

    the fact that Argentina bottled against CR7 teammate cuadrado yesterday he got his 23 assists of the season he's the best RB 100%

  30. Rayyan Abedullaziz

    Rayyan Abedullaziz3 days ago

    @noMirakuru 12 years old

  31. noMirakuru

    noMirakuru3 days ago

    @Rayyan Abedullaziz 12 years old

  32. Rayyan Abedullaziz

    Rayyan Abedullaziz5 days ago

    @B Foh Bishal Cry

  33. B Foh Bishal

    B Foh Bishal5 days ago

    Cuadrado was better than Penaldo in the whole season. What’s your point?

  34. 看海人

    看海人5 days ago

    Netherland's squad is not good enough to win it all. It is an average team and is not champion worthy. Why shift the blame?

  35. higuy013

    higuy013Day ago

    Uh....Depay? Hello?

  36. Brandon Harker

    Brandon Harker4 days ago

    @Nino They don't really have an out-and-out goalscorer, that's the squad's biggest problem.

  37. Nino

    Nino4 days ago

    The team looked much better under koeman quality only does so much in 7 games it's about their mentality and the coaches decisions

  38. Brandon Harker

    Brandon Harker5 days ago

    @看海人 Maybe they have both a poor team and a poor coach. The team is not great, admittedly, but de Boer is also not a great coach.

  39. 看海人

    看海人5 days ago

    @Brandon Harker That they cannot win the championship due to a poor coach

  40. João Sérgio

    João Sérgio5 days ago

    the camera guy had fun with the zoom

  41. Brandon Harker

    Brandon Harker5 days ago

    The zoom was done in the editing suite, not by the cameraman.

  42. David T

    David T5 days ago

    Reminds me of Mrs. Doubtfire. Closer. Closer. Not that close!

  43. WahWahWehWah

    WahWahWehWah5 days ago

    Extreme close up! Waaaaaaaaaah!!!!!

  44. Rob Tyman

    Rob Tyman5 days ago

    The Netherlands won't do anything at the Euros. But then neither will England.

  45. Andrew Joyce

    Andrew JoyceDay ago

    @Rueben Maraj English media dummy

  46. Rueben Maraj

    Rueben MarajDay ago

    @noMirakuru There stupid mate and not realistic 🤣

  47. noMirakuru

    noMirakuruDay ago

    @Rueben Maraj there's a good amount of fans online who hype them

  48. Rueben Maraj

    Rueben MarajDay ago

    England is only hyped by the british media , no one else really

  49. Matt

    Matt2 days ago

    @Andrew Joyce said no one ever

  50. M.I.X FCB

    M.I.X FCB5 days ago

    I have a feeling they won’t top the group but I had them top the group anyways. They’ll go out in round of 16 to Portugal.

  51. higuy013

    higuy013Day ago

    Idk how you can say that with a straight face lol Netherlands easily have the best midfield, and Depay is more quality than any other forward in the group

  52. Aron Botter

    Aron Botter5 days ago

    I don't see them beating ukraine maybe austria

  53. King D.J. Spemce Da ONE ✌💙

    King D.J. Spemce Da ONE ✌💙5 days ago


  54. Real Madrid

    Real Madrid5 days ago

    Real Madrid and Bayern Munich are the 2 Greatest football club of all time

  55. Rayyan Abedullaziz

    Rayyan Abedullaziz5 days ago

    @Harry ñ Cry, dumbo.

  56. Rayyan Abedullaziz

    Rayyan Abedullaziz5 days ago

    @Harry ñ Keep lying to yourself, you prat. 🤡

  57. Harry ñ

    Harry ñ5 days ago

    @Kunal Bakre then why are you up madrids colon? Oh yeah to validate your mess of a club 🤣

  58. Harry ñ

    Harry ñ5 days ago

    @Kunal Bakre well you're wrong again then aren't you cretin... I've never changed my team, unlike you who seems to support both of the biggest teams in the Spanish farmers league 🤣 pick one

  59. Harry ñ

    Harry ñ5 days ago

    @Kunal Bakre because they always spent more money than everyone else. Now the playing field is level and look at the state of them trying to run off and start a superleague 🤣 keep lying to yourself you prat 🤡🤡🤡 we are all laughing at your farmers league